Fast development of an extranet to boost community cooperation with partners

Success Story
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  • Lack of dedicated digital team 
  • Legacy CMS and website technologically outdated with poorly executed customer experience
  • Develop online community to further collaboration with network of evaluation partners

Project Summary

  • Complete relaunch of site: only content was migrated
  •  Implementation completed after four months
  • Customization for extranet partner tool was straightforward

Business Benefits

  • More modern and appropriate online brand presence
  • Central content repository across all countries, languages and pages
  • Community extranet facilitates cooperation with external partners

KENSTONE offers valuation expertise for institutional investors and banks that are looking to place or finance assets in the German real estate market. KENSTONE has office locations in eight German cities, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Commerzbank, Germany’s second largest bank. The company deploys a highly skilled team of in-house experts as well as a network of partner valuers.

The fintech revolution is putting pressure on all actors in the financial sector to project a forward-looking and customer-centric digital presence; KENSTONE’s website and legacy CMS were struggling to do that, both in terms of design and functionality.

As KENSTONE does not have a dedicated digital team, it needed a Digital Experience Platform that was modular and intuitive to use for its small team of content editors and straightforward to implement, especially as the new site would have to be
created from the ground up.

KENSTONE and its technical collaborator comwrap knew that Ibexa’s eZ Platform would fit the bill. After the conceptual framework of the new site had been established, implementation of eZ Platform took just three to four months.

The legacy site offered no scope for interactive collaboration with KENSTONE’s network of partner valuers who are now able to download templates, distribute files and contribute to the extranet forum. The community site required customization but
this presented no technical challenge and did not delay the launch of the new site in the summer of 2019.

Ibexa has given KENSTONE a modern, agile presentation and the ability of a team of technical non-specialists to manage a system that has ample functionality and can be scaled rapidly when needed. The next-level cooperation with external valuation
experts is enabling KENSTONE to deliver a much more finely-honed service to a very demanding market.