Kameo Crowdlending Platform

Ibexa proves a crowd pleaser for Skandi FinTech
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  • The technology platform had to be robust and safe for handling personal data and integrate with Scandinavian BankID systems
  • The system architecture had to be flexible and integrate easily with third-party systems and functionalities created especially for the fintech use case
  • Investors can make cross-border investments in local currencies so system has to provide a clear overview, and performant content and translations capabilities
  • Investment “journey” had to be simple and intuitive because target market

Project Summary

  • It took less than five months to launch Kameo
  • Loan management system (LMS), KYC questionnaire, account statement, deferred payments functionality, XML feed to tax authorities and more, were developed by ZWEBB and implemented on Ibexa DXP
  • Content creation, risk management and compliance reporting all realized intuitively from Ibexa
  • Ibexa translation files functionality to transpose parent site to Norwegian, Danish and English
  • Re-design for December 2020, partly in response to much higher than anticipated peaks in traffic

Business Benefits & ROI

  • Reliable platform infrastructure has won the trust of investors: latest project attracted 300,000 SEK of investment per minute after launch
  • Transparent and intuitive experience with returns, re-payment date and risk category clearly flagged up from the outset
  • Integrations provide easy oversight by regulating bank and automated reporting functionality to Swedish tax authorities
  • Ibexa framework architecture speeds up development
  • Clear permissioning and workflows 
  • Extensibility: new design with improved dashboards, performance fine tuning and real-time statistics launched in December 2020

It only took a few months for Kameo to relaunch its site. Ibexa’s framework architecture allowed for a speedy development of core functions and easy integrations with bespoke tools. 

We chose Ibexa DXP for its advanced capabilities and 'open' architecture which simplified the task of developing a fintech platform
Zoran Marinkovic

Kameo selected Ibexa technology to run its loan-based crowdfunding platform as this offered the best and most cost-effective path to developing a full-blown fintech solution. Ibexa’s framework architecture allowed for a speedy development of core functions and easy integrations with bespoke tools developed by ZWEBB. A first version of the site was ready in less than five months and the platform was launched in Sweden in March 2016, in Norway in 2017 and in Denmark in 2018.

Ibexa and its partner ZWEBB extended its content and experience platform for a FinTech use case. The intuitive interface and complex back-office compliance tools developed as part of the project contributed hugely to the success of crowdfunding site Kameo.

Workflows and feature flags enable several teams to work on multiple tasks at the same time, making us more efficient.
Mladen Plasic
Lead Developer
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