Editions du Boisbaudry

Publisher Bets the Farm on Ibexa DXP
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  • Anticipate and respond to changing customer expectations (readers and advertisers)
  • Diversify sources of income
  • Modernize the group's digital image
  • Create a harmonious and unified digital experience across all titles
  • Build a sound technical base for future projects

Project Summary

  • Migrate content from eZ Publish and WordPress to eZ Platform
  • Set up roles with different privileges, in particular separate editorial and advertising
  • Develop initial site to test functionalities. The other websites were derived from that 'trial build'
  • Create configurable modules to have functionally different renderings according to the requirements of the different brands

Business Benefits and ROI

  • All sites are now responsive
  • Creation of landing pages and forms is much less time-consuming
  • Robust and future-proof platform
  • Re-platforming and digital modernization advances Éditions du Boisbaudry's wider transformational agenda

Learn how B2B publisher migrated its sites to a single Digital Experience Platform with eZ Platform to create an agile operational environment as well as a rich user experience.

Ibexa partner

For more than 12 years, Smile has produced some of the most prominent websites in France, sites with high traffic and advanced features. Since 2001, Smile is the leading integrator of CMS and DXP open source solutions in France, with over 500 projects, and more than 100 built on eZ technologies.

This was a complex project and I admit I was nervous on the morning we went live. But everything went perfectly.
Director of Web Services
Editions du Boisbaudry

High Expectations Required and Met with new DXP

The differentiator is the ease and flexibility with which Ibexa DXP supports the creation of landing pages and forms. This would be meaningless if the solution were not stable and robust across the different brands of Éditions du Boisbaudry and supported the diverse needs of editorial and advertising - but everything is rock-solid. Éditions du Boisbaudry now has a confident base from which to develop and roll out further innovations.

Marketing and other initiatives can be implemented much more rapidly, as all seven Boisbaudry sites are built off a single instance of Ibexa DXP - replacing a content architecture that was fragmented across several systems.

The cost benefits of this technological cohesion are amplified by Ibexa's versatility in setting up roles with different priviliges and by the ease with which individual branding needs can be respected, all from a single platform. All sites are now responsive; with 50% of the readership coming from mobile, that was long overdue.

It is early days, but some indicators suggest that there has already been an uptick in visitor numbers since we implemented eZ Platform.
Director of Web Services
Editions du Boisbaudry


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