Café Royal Pro

Tripled numbers of customers in just a few months


  • Wanted an online presence that would be attractive and easy-to-use for subscribers
  • Needed to ensure the back end of the site was flexible, simple to manage and update
  • Required seamless integration with e-commerce functionality

Project Summary

  • Project: New e-commerce website
  • Partners: Novactive & Kaliop
  • Project length: Nine months from standing start to go-live

Business Benefits

  • Tripled numbers of customers in just a few months
  • Steady flow of recurring income
  • Easy to update and change content on the website
  • One back office for content, direct sales and e-commerce

Café Royal Pro uses eZ Platform to sell coffee subscriptions in the B2B SMB market and within a short space of time gets hundreds of businesses signing up.

Why eZ?

From a standing start, the CEO wanted to launch a subscription model for office coffee supplies in the B2B SMB market. It makes its customers' lives easier by ensuring regular coffee deliveries that suit a wide palette of tastes. For Café Royal Pro, subscriptions ensure recurring and predictable revenues and the ability to expand its offering (recently adding biodegradable pods and organic coffee), boost sales and remain competitive.

Café Royal Pro needed a content delivery platform that would align with its own standards and meet its requirements in the B2B market now and in the future. It selected eZ Platform as an adaptable, robust and reliable solution with e-commerce capabilities.

The direct sales team use the back office of the site as their only business solution to manage customers, enter and book new orders. Customers can access and manage their subscriptions via the user portal to modify their choice of different coffees.

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