bott selects Ibexa to redesign its own workstation
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bott develops and produces van racking, workplace storage and workstation systems in three European locations to serve a global export market. With annual sales of €134 million and 1,150 employees worldwide, the bott business model relies on an ecosystem of subsidiaries and export partners. Responsibility for the corporate site and the many partner sites rests on the shoulders of Anja Estler, Content Marketing Executive at bott, and the small team of “2.5 colleagues”.

I want to log into one system and update the sites just once, not 30 times, all in one system with one UI. Ibexa DXP can do that for us and more.
Anja Estler
Content Marketing Executive
Bott GmbH & Co. KG

“That’s 30 sites altogether,” she says. “We can’t handle this anymore. The system we have currently is too small for the size of the company.” bott has decided to implement Ibexa DXP to radically transform the situation. “Our goal is to have all instances in one system. I want to log into one system and update the sites just once, not 30 times, all in one system with one UI. Ibexa DXP can do that for us and more.”

The multi-language functionality was an important factor in the choice of Ibexa DXP, as well as its structure with workflow systems and roles. “At the moment content editors give us their texts and we implement it in the systems. This is time-consuming and prone to error. With Ibexa DXP our editors will be able to change content by themselves.”

The larger subsidiaries manage their own sites and these are designed to resemble the main bott site. “That isn’t good enough,” says Estler, “we want all sites to have the same template, run from Ibexa DXP.”

bott is hoping to start implementation this autumn and then start re-designing the customer journey in Ibexa DXP. “That’s another reason we choose Ibexa,” Estler concludes, “it is future-proof. We can map our digital strategy for the next 10 years.”

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