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For marketing & editorial teams
Drive digital innovation in your company.

Create frictionless, memorable experiences

In B2B as much as in B2C, customer experience has become the most crucial element of success. Do more than just create content. Build beautiful, unified content experiences across all your digital channels. From brand content and lead generation campaigns, to enriched product content to support e-commerce channels, manage complex content structures at scale.

  • A single solution for managing content for multiple digital channels, brands and domains 
  • Easily leverage and reuse content across digital channels, including localized and language versions 
  • Content personalization and recommendations for delivering contextual customer experiences and targeted campaigns


Give your customers a better buying experience with enriched content

Create more engaging e-commerce journeys with unified content management and richer product information. Build complex digital product catalogs for supporting complex buying journeys combining online and offline interactions.

Maximize revenue potential with increased conversion and shopping cart KPIs driven by better engagement and targeting and a fast, simplified checkout process.

  • Leverage personalized content and product recommendations throughout the customer lifecycle
  • Real-time dynamic pricing and custom pricing
  • Manage complex buying cycles that involve offline and online interactions with rich product catalogs and information


Go live without waiting for IT or developers

With Ibexa DXP, marketing teams can build new websites and pages without help from IT or developers, going from concept to delivery with fewer technical roadblocks. With the powerful Content Engine, design and manage sophisticated information architecture without any coding.

  • Instantly create and manage multiple new sub-domains, micro-sites, or brand sites with brand template themes
  • Visual drag ‘n’ drop  page builder
  • Integrate with your preferred marketing tools and services
Speed up production with better collaboration

Enjoy faster collaboration with the Editorial Workflow System. Use simple Quick Review, or custom production workflows. From writers and editors, to translators, designers and digital marketing teams, be more productive so you can spend more time on being creative. 

  • Automated review and publication workflows
  • Simple workflow process configuration
  • Content scheduling and calendar for better content operation
Strengthen brand consistency & messaging

Often, content is created in different systems for different channels, and by different contributors. By maintaining a single, centralized content repository for all your digital channels, marketing teams can build greater consistency in their messaging and tone across all their channels. 

  • Create once, deliver everywhere
  • Content is created and structured in one repository
  • Content items can then be used or reused in one or more of your digital channels, from web, mobile apps, point of sale, digital signage, social, IoT devices, and more

A single system, no matter the number of sites, languages or brands

Ibexa DXP offers a single system for managing content and commerce, for as many brands, sites, countries and languages as you need.

Your team creates and manages a huge library of content. With a centralized content repository, strong delivery capabilities and structured content, it’s simpler for you to build an information architecture to organise your content in a way that best suits your team and digital channels. 

  • Smart, intuitive content search and navigation
  • Granular user roles and permissions for better editorial access and management
  • Highly scalable and versatile content repository
Scale your content operations across multiple digital channels and complex brand architectures with a single solution.

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