Ibexa Engage is here!

Capture zero and first party data
Ibexa Engage is here!

Ibexa unveils major add-on with Ibexa Engage; Interactive first and zero-party data collection feature.

[Oslo, Norway] Ibexa, a global leader in digital experience platforms (DXP), proudly announces the release of Ibexa Engage, a great add-on for Ibexa DXP, now available for customers and partners.

Ibexa Engage by Qualifio is a fully integrated solution to Ibexa DXP that generates engagement, allows you to know your audiences and capture data via quizzes, games, polls, contests, and over 50 other interactive formats. With Ibexa Engage, Ibexa takes another step forward in helping brands transform their complexity into a competitive advantage by creating more engaging digital experiences.

Build your first-party data environment - fully GDPR compliant


As the market moves away from third-party cookies, the dynamics of online customer data are shifting significantly. Brands must adapt by building their own first-party data environments to continue delivering superior experiences. Ibexa Engage provides the perfect solution for brands to take control of their customer data, ensuring the creation of a high-quality data environment that respects consumer privacy. This data can then be integrated into existing systems for enrichment, with the assurance of full GDPR compliance and adherence to all necessary standards.

Create engaging experiences and get to know your audience


With Ibexa Engage, you can create engaging experiences through animated games, quizzes, contests, surveys, tests, etc. Up to 50 interactive formats (Arcade games like Runner and Catcher, Skill games like Memory and Puzzle, Instant wins like Wheel of Fortune and Jackpot, …) are available to engage audiences and collect first- and zero-party data. With Ibexa Engage, get instant insights, and monitor your performance throughout the year. Additionally, it offers detailed reporting with the capability to export data to MarTech tools, empowering brands to enhance their sales strategies. 

Strong collaboration with Qualifio


Ibexa Engage is a result of the close collaboration between Qualifio and Ibexa, both proud members of the QNTM ecosystem. This promising integration will bring a lot of value to Ibexa clients and partners by having a powerful Interactive first- and zero-party data collection tool that can be activated in just a few clicks from the online editor and from the Page Builder features of Ibexa DXP. Ibexa Engage can also be integrated into mobile apps, published on social networks or shared by email.

“Effective data collection is crucial for deeply understanding and engaging your audience. Qualifio's platform simplifies the process of leveraging first-party data, enabling brands to forge authentic connections, personalize customer experiences, and confidently drive impactful interactions” says Sylvain Guittard Director of Product at Ibexa.


Ibexa Engage is now available, and businesses interested in harnessing the power of this cutting-edge digital experience platform are invited to explore its features and capabilities.

For more information about Ibexa Engage, please visit https://www.ibexa.co/products/overview 


About Ibexa

Ibexa Digital Experience Platform (DXP) helps brands to reach their true potential by transforming their complexity into competitive advantage through engaging digital experiences. Ibexa DXP is an end-to-end digital experience platform that transforms the complexity of business processes, products, and services into high-quality experiences in a simple and cost-effective manner. It offers a high degree of customizability to meet business needs through the QNTM partner network.  



About Qualifio

Qualifio is the leading European first- and zero-party data collection platform for consumer brands. The platform enables marketing teams to get to know their audiences through interactive and gamified experiences, offering compelling reasons for ongoing engagement with their brand.

Qualifio is a member of the QNTM ecosystem and is used by over 400 companies worldwide, including Nestlé, L'Oréal, Unilever, Currys, Valencia CF, LolaLiza, Daily Mail Group, Vivendi and DPG.



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