Customer Success at eZ

Customer Success at eZ

eZ has been around for almost 20 years. Since day 1 we have offered a flexible platform that allows our partners to implement projects that meet the needs of our customers. We are very proud to say that our customers are mostly happy with our products, and that they stay with us for a long time. The average lifetime of our customer base is 7.5 years, which is quite a feat! Our products and company are continuously evolving, but today we acknowledge that customers expect more from their vendors. At eZ we are very eager to learn from our success stories, but we also want to challenge status quo and make sure that customers get more value from using our products.

We have looked at how we can support our customers better. We identified that we need to work more closely with our partners and customers to understand and learn their needs and requirements. Based on that we have decided to introduce a dedicated Customer Success team (CS) at eZ . In short, the CS team will work closely with our customers to actively collect feedback that we can use to further improve our products and services. This also helps us to better understand our customers business, strategy, vision and end goals. Consequently, this will put us in a much better position to help our customers get the most out of their investment in our products and services.

What will this mean for you as a customer?

Enterprise customers will have a set number of meetings:

There will be a clearly defined number of meetings with each of our customers depending on the subscription level. For our larger customers we will have core meetings that focus on the following three categories; business, editorial and technical.

Trusted advisor

We will listen to you and collect information that allows us to provide more value to you as a customer. Our goal is together with the implementation partner to better understand why you have chosen eZ and how we can offer better return of investment to you. Our goal will be to educate you as a customer, by showing you how our products can be used in an optimal way. In our meetings we will offer hands on sessions, both for marketing and editorial use cases. We will be more than just a vendor!

Customer driven roadmap

It is important for us to be able to identify if there are common features that many of our customers ask for. The CS team works closely with product management to ensure that your voice is heard. We will collect these feature requests and when it makes sense push to have these features added to our platform.

Honest feedback is welcome

During our meetings we want to understand what we are doing right, but even more importantly we want to hear your honest opinion on the product. If you are not happy, we will not be!, it's that plain and simple.

Improved dialog

We will have regular touchpoints with you where the overall goal is twofold. We will make sure to understand your needs and plans for working with our platform and at the same time make sure you also know what our platform has in store for you. This means you should in the same way as our partner have a clear understanding of the direction of our products and be familiar with functionality we introduce in the coming releases.

As mentioned, projects on eZ are implemented by our great partners who are well versed in seeing where eZ is a great fit for the customers. With the Customer Success initiative, we do not only focus on the end customers, but also on improving how we work with our partners. We truly recognize that the customer will get the best experience from our software if the partner and eZ think collectively about how the products can be made more attractive in all ways.

How will you as a partner benefit from these changes?

Actively supporting you in your projects

We will make sure to follow your projects more carefully. Make no mistake, you will implement the projects, but we want to offer you our best practices. Customer Success will also make sure you can get the support you expect by involving the right people at eZ. Because you have real experience from driving implementation projects we are eager to learn how you can become more efficient in solving your tasks with our products.

Working together with our customers

Our mutual customers today deal with projects that most often do not have an end date. The idea is to have you continuously work with our customers and pair their business needs with new functionality of the platform. We believe this will be a great combination for all three. As all our implementation partners know it is of course much easier and risk reducing to keep a digital solution evolving through many smaller implementation tasks then having to start with new big bang projects every time. If eZ can show customers the core functionality of the platform, we want to see you take advantage of this to solve challenges the customers may have.

Meetings together with the customer

We will invite you to participate in meetings with our mutual customers. This is key to be able to show how we work together with the focus of making projects powered by eZ software a success for the customer.

I hope you now have a better understanding and see how the customer will receive more attention from us. As Director Customer Success at eZ, I am truly excited to learn even more about how our platform is used to meet the requirements of organizations today. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Welcome to Customer Success @ eZ.

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