Automated Translation Connector has Arrived!

Automated Translation Connector has Arrived!

The eZ Automated Translation connector is here and it integrates beautifully with eZ Platform. More than that, it comes with not just one, but two out-of-the-box translation services: Google Translate and DeepL. However, the support of DeepL is still in beta as it needs more testing.

eZ Automated Translation is the first connector created out of the "Build with eZ" initiative we launched in March. This translation connector was a joint effort between eZ's product team and Sébastien Morel, CTO of Novactive US. The connector is simple to use and allows end-users to translate text and characters to over 100 different languages. A useful function for customers who have multilingual and multi-site configurations in their projects. Let's take a deeper look into the capabilities of this connector.

The eZ Automated Translation connector has three core capabilities/benefits:

  • Editors can translate content "on the fly" and further edit as part of the workflow.
  • Administrators can setup different translation services to use (Google Translate, DeepL (beta), etc.).
  • Developers can develop new drivers for additional translation services.

The connector is simple to use and, in many ways, similar to the regular interaction in eZ Platform when translating content manually. All the user needs to do is log in to eZ Platform and choose the content item to translate. The user will go to the "Translation" tab, click on the "add translation" button, choose the language she wants to translate from, and then select the language she wants to automatically translate to.

The system will then automatically translate the content by calling the configured translation service, while maintaining the structure and style of the original content piece. The user can then go ahead and publish the content item and view it live on her website.

Below is an illustration for how to use the eZ Automated Translation connector.

We are thrilled to add this new capability to eZ Platform v2.1. The package is open source and available on Github:

Automatic translation services have made huge progress in the last years and have become a viable option for many cases. We believe editors will truly appreciate this feature, as it allows them to easily and quickly translate content. All they have to do afterwards is review, refine and improve the translated content as needed.

We have no doubt this tool will allow teams to be more efficient and save time as they deal with multilingual content. Plus, the eZ Automated Translation connector is not limited to Google Translate and DeepL only, it can be extended to include additional translation services. There are several options on the market that can be easily integrated to our connector with APIs.

If you have comments, questions or suggestions on our Automated Translation connector, be sure to leave a note in the comments section below or on our discussion forum at

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