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QNTM is a European group providing a unique suite of best-of-breed products within the Marketing Technology sphere, set out to revolutionize the way companies approach their growth strategies.
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Ibexa, proud member of QNTM Group

Since late 2021, Ibexa has been part of QNTM Group. What a journey it has been!

Thanks to the strong support of QNTM, Ibexa is building the leading Digital Experience Platform (DXP) in Europe. Beyond QNTM’s backing, it is the QNTM’s project that excites us!

With over 700 employees, 2,000 customers and €100M in annual revenue, QNTM Group is the largest company of its kind from Europe. It provides a unique suite of MarTech best-of-breed products as well as a unique value proposition based on Business Composability. It is set out to revolutionize the way companies approach their growth strategies. Ibexa is a proud member of this fantastic new journey!  

Common vision

Our vision is to create the digital winners of tomorrow. We believe that the right solutions and expertise are what matters most.

This much we all know: it is increasingly challenging  for companies to stand out as unique, and to secure organic top-line growth. At the same time, today’s consumer has higher and higher expectations and expects to receive a seamless digital experience.

We are committed to empowering businesses to harness the power of technology, without getting lost in complexity and high implementation costs. Our offer is built on both transparency and flexibility.  


Top-line growth for the last three years was three times higher for companies that invested in digitalization compared to their non-investing peers.


75% of Nordic Companies experience a direct link between their digital investments and their tip-line growth


82% of companies who increased their market share the last three years have high digital expertise in top management.
We believe in the power of a composable marketing technology solution that brings top-line growth to our customers.
By combining a curated selection of best-of-breed products within the marketing technology sphere, with the expertise from our partners, we are equipped to meet your unique needs.
We are not a one-size fits all suite. That means you are always free to combine our products and solutions with others. That’s the core of our open and composable ecosystem.

Best-of Breed products within the Marketing Technology sphere

Our ecosystem enables us to create a tailored solution that is wholly based on your needs.  Everything to bring cost-efficient top-line growth to your business.

These selected Best-of-Breed products are provided by a network of seven Best-of-Breed companies that have joined the QNTM Group since 2021: Actito, Qualifio, Raptor, Ibexa, Hesehus, Adnami, SeenThis. Together, we form a business composable ecosystem that can be assembled in a variety of high-performance solutions closely aligned with the needs of its clients.

Furthermore, as a company from Europe, QNTM guarantees commercial proximity to its clients across Europe, local European development teams, as well as local sovereign hosting and strict compliance with GDPR law and European business ethic.

Finally, true to their Nordic origins, QNTM Companies are building sustainable offers through strategic partnerships allowing to minimize the carbon impact of cloud hosting (Ibexa and, as well as the carbon impact of advertising campaigns (SeenThis).

Our Sister Companies in Brief


Actito’s Customer Activation Platform enables marketers to accelerate conversion and increase revenue by providing an outstanding experience at every step of the customer journey through the delivery of highly personalized real-time omnichannel marketing campaigns.


Qualifio is the leading European first- and zero-party data collection platform for consumer brands. We enable marketing teams to get to know their audiences thanks to two complementary SaaS modules: Qualifio Engage and Qualifio Loyalty.


Raptor Services delivers a market-leading personalization solution and Customer Data Platform (CDP) that activates data to truly create relevant customer experiences.


Adnami provides programmatic high-impact advertising products and services to media companies, media agencies and advertisers directly.


SeenThis is a tech company offering adaptive streaming services for both image and video  to enable faster delivery of digital advertising with better performance as a result.


Specialists in design and development of ambitious award-winning B2C and B2B e-commerce solutions. Provider of the market-leading headless Bizzkit e-commerce platform implemented by international solution partners. 

Synergies and a bright future

For a DXP like Ibexa, being part of this QNTM ecosystem is  incredible. In just two years, we have multiplied Product synergies while remaining autonomous. In 2023, we announced Ibexa CDP by Raptor; a complete Customer Data Platform that seamlessly integrates with our DXP which  enables the activation of Customer data in a few clicks from Ibexa. At the start of 2024, we announced the launch of Ibexa Engage by Qualifio and Ibexa Orchestrate by Actito; 2 fantastic add-ons that will bring a lot of value to our customers!

Our journey within the QNTM group continues, and our conviction in its relevance grows stronger by the day, especially for our clients as they face unprecedented complexity. We encourage you to explore the websites of our sister companies and stay tuned for more updates!

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