The French Golf Federation

Ibexa hits hole-in-one for French golf
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  • Deliver multichannel content from a single source
  • Improve user experience and increase traffic
  • Develop versatile search 
  • Generate content and new sites quickly
  • Ramp up activity on social media platforms.

Project Summary

  • Migration from eZ Publish to Ibexa DXP v2.5
  • Re-direct URLs
  • Synchronization of content via APIs
  • Implement SSO for federation members
  • Embed search engine for events and nearest golf courses.

Business Benefits and ROI

  • Intuitive backend for 30 in-house and external contributors
  • Effortlessly absorbs traffic spikes of 400,000 during major tournaments
  • Increase in visitors and relevant content is boosting advertising revenue
  • Membership is up by 20,000
  • Stronger brand presence is attracting new commercial partnerships.

Membership rises by 20,000 with new digital strategy

Ibexa partner

Experts in Open Source digital engineering, Codéin supports companies in the structuring, design, development and maintenance of their digital ecosystems: web apps, editorial sites, multilingual, multisite, e-commerce, sites factories, business applications and more. Codéin also has expertise in BI, Hosting, Digital Marketing, SEO and UX/ UI Design.

The Fédération Française de Golf (the French Golfing Federation) migrated its website to Ibexa DXP to modernize the customer experience. Its content-first approach and committed engagement with social media has boosted advertising revenues and led to an increase in business partners eager to affiliate themselves with the brand. Membership is up, and when a further move to v2.5 of Ibexa DXP is complete, personalization will amplify these excellent results.

The site generates a significant audience – we’re talking tens of millions page views throughout the year – and we had to present a quality user experience.
Michael Akrich
Head of Media

The French Golfing Federation represents over half the country’s amateur players but its ambition is to sign up all of them. The strategy? To deliver relevant and increasingly personalized content to the website and social media. The tool? Ibexa DXP is at once robust and versatile enough to allow contributors to feed a huge range of content types to an intuitive backend.

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