French mutual insurance business for health professionals
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  • Modernize CMS infrastructure
  • Future-proof web design and content architecture 
  • Make system more user-friendly for contributors
  • Personalize: MACSF has a wide range of users and wants to give them relevant content
  • Move to platform fully  supported by Ibexa

Project Summary

  • Adapt concept design to the prerequisites and constraints of the  target version of Ibexa DXP
  • Establishment of Proof of Concept to validate the feasibility of migration
  • Audit for putting in place for the new,  internal server infrastructure 
  • Migration from eZ Publish to Ibexa DXP

Business Benefits and ROI 

  • Intuitive, simple system
  • Ibexa’s ‘content philosophy’: everything intuitively organized in the back-office
  • Expert Ibexa Audit with detailed report of recommendations
  • No need for IT involvement 
  • Great potential for personalization  
  • Configurator will add interactive element and boost site stickiness  

Mutuelle d’assurances du corps de santé Français (MACSF) is the French mutual insurance business for health professionals


Ibexa: The Right Prescription for Medical Insurer

In 2014, MACSF replaced its rigid and outdated CMS with eZ Publish because its solution met and surpassed the insurer’s expectations for content publication, versioning, stability, security, durability and support.

So when Ibexa launched its next-generation Digital Experience Platform, with its agile and intuitive routes to content creation and personalization, it was only a matter of time before MACSF migrated.

We love the robustness of Ibexa and what you might call its ‘content philosophy’ –with everything intuitively accessible from the backend to our dozen or so contributors.
Albert Dzon-Oko Féré
IT project manager

The combination of robustness and very detailed segmentation was important to MACSF because it offers its financial services to a full spectrum of health professionals: from student physiotherapists to world-renowned thoracic surgeons, all with very specific content interests and insurance needs.

We greatly appreciated the audit work and the detailed report of the recommendations made by Ibexa – both the quality of the exchanges and the expertise in the answers provided.
Albert Dzon-Oko Féré
IT project manager

Ibexa consultants carried out an extensive audit with detailed recommendations about the proposed migration. In-house training for the new DXP was an eye-opener for content authors who will have much more intuitive interactions with the system.

Download Success Story