The Mid-Enterprise Market Guide to Digital Experience Platforms

The Mid-Enterprise Market Guide to Digital Experience Platforms

A few months ago, I wrote about the Digital Experience Dilemma, highlighting how difficult it can be to find the right-fit digital experience solution when preparing a digital transformation project as it's a relatively new type of software.

For selecting a Digital Experience Platform (DXP), it is then quite challenging especially as there are a lot of unknowns, unlike in a mature market like CMS, even if both have much in common. Whatever the buying process they use (publishing an RFI to a long or short list, doing a POC, hiring a consultancy), it's obvious that the company should build knowledge about the options on the market.

CMS Wire has recognized this and has just published an independent resource - the Mid Enterprise Market Guide to Digital Experience Platforms to help organizations understand the DXP mid-enterprise market and get guidance in selecting the right vendor and platform for your unique business requirements and infrastructure needs.

While the DXP market is growing quickly, it is still in an emergent state and no single vendor is capable for meeting all the needs of every organization. The best DXP systems are the ones that can serve as a foundational platform enabling organizational to use that foundation and extend it by integrating with other business systems.

The guide provides some insight into the market trends and top platforms and vendors in the market. Featuring six leading vendors - Adobe, Episerver, e-Spirit, eZ Systems, Liferay and Sitecore - the guide gives an explanation of the different types of DXPs, what features to look for based on your applications and business strategy, what role each DXP plays within the broader stack. It gives in-depth dives into the six vendors covering history, project, licensing models, key technologies, strengths, challenges, latest acquisitions and with an eye on the future it describes a trajectory of each company.

We are delighted to be recognized in this publication as a strong option for vendors. Whatever is your approach to choosing a DXP, this guide should help you identify which might be a good fit for you and which to consider.

As you progress in your selection process, we'd love to help. We can give advice in finding an independent consultancy partner that works with several vendors to accompany you through such a process, just fill out our contact form and to discuss your requirements.

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