Why B2B Ecommerce is no Longer a Hard Sell


A growing number of B2B buyers are digital natives who demand unified B2C style buyer experiences that limit or eradicate the need for a salesperson at the various stages of the process. However, for businesses, presenting complex products and services in a straightforward way to drive online sales is a core challenge as they continue the path to digital transformation.

In this free and exclusive eBook, discover how DXP technologies are creating headroom for innovation as leading B2B companies adopt the latest solutions to manage product information, and integrate core systems. Personalization has also taken a front seat, carrying custom catalogs, product recommendations, targeted pricing, and ordering / reordering, using customer data to facilitate the end-to-end digital selling experience.


Who will find this B2B ecommerce eBook useful?

This eBook is ideal for business leaders and senior marketing and sales professionals within the B2B industry who are searching for ways to put ecommerce at the heart of their strategic ambition. Whether you are looking to enable or accelerate your online selling you’ve come to the right place!

Professional profiles who are likely to find this eBook useful include (but not limited to):

  • C-level profiles
  • Senior marketing professionals
  • Senior sales professionals


Which topics are covered in this eBook?

  • What is driving B2B to go all out for ecommerce?
  • An intermediary step: marketplaces
  • Three XP functionalities you need for ecommerce – and one you’ll love to have
  • Overcoming legacy to build a future
  • What you need from a B2B ecommerce module

Get ready to improve your online sales strategy in 2023 with this complimentary eBook.

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