The Basics of Personalization

This eBook focuses on the benefits of different types of personalization and gives you recommendations on how to implement a successful personalization content strategy using a DXP

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Businesses today face constant pressure to stay digitally updated and deliver memorable, personalized customer experiences along the entire customer journey.

And this user demand for more personalized, relevant online experiences has pushed CMS vendors to evolve. Many vendors now provide Digital Experience Platforms, where they offer a range of products that complement each other and integrate seamlessly to provide the technologies that enables an organization to grow and succeed with digital operations.

We cover topics such as:

  • Explicit vs implicit personalization
  • How to measure your return
  • What is required to launch personalization effectively?
  • Best practices on implementing personalization
  • Selecting the right personalization technology
  • The power of information architecture

We also provide useful tips and best practices based on real-world scenarios.

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