Ibexa Methodology: The Five Steps to Digital Maturity

How managing product information and content combined with commerce is essential for B2B success.

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“Online selling has been highly successful in B2C – and now it’s your turn.”

This is what B2B businesses have been told time and again, particularly by vendors of e-commerce solutions to this online retail segment. B2C was digital, B2C was hip – while “traditional” business-to-business was hopelessly set in its ways and not just old-fashioned, but just plain old.

In this e-book we show how B2B businesses can transform realistically, step by step. For some, this gradual revolution may never ultimately be about full-blown e-commerce, although that option will always be there if the business has reached a certain level of digital maturity.

As we take you through these phases set out below, we highlight the functionalities of our platform that are instrumental in helping you capture more and more of the granular complexity of how you do business.

  • Step 01 Brand Advocacy and Awareness
  • Step 02 Leads and Interest Generation
  • Step 03 Self-service/ Sales Portals
  • Step 04 Experience-driven Digital Commerce
  • Step 05 The Future of Innovation
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