Digital Experience Platforms

Find out the four considerations necessary for creating exceptional customer experience

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Today content is consumed on myriad devices and in so many ways. The pressure is on organizations to take a customer-centric approach or they'll risk failure. To surprise and delight their customers they have to make content relevant and personal all along the customer journey using personalization, omnichannel communications, and e-commerce.

As a result, this has pushed CMS solution vendors to their limits. Some solution providers have merged with others or to bought up complementary technologies to add to their solution portfolio. And so DXP has come about, an umbrella term for a range of products that are complementary to each other and integrate seamlessly to provide the technologies with which an organization can grow and succeed with their digital operations.


This eBook covers four considerations you should take into account before you select your DXP provider to be sure of digital success and keep your competitive edge: 

  • Content: create a customer-centric approach
  • Personalization: be relevant
  • E-commerce: enable digital transactions
  • Interoperability: ensure connectivity
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