CDP: Your Complete Guide

Understanding Customers in a 2022 Perspective


This guide takes you around a CDP, from purpose and functionalities to implementation and prediction. You get a comprehensive understanding of how it can contribute with value in both marketing campaigns and your tech setup to essentially increase the bottom line and deliver excellent, real-time customer experiences.

Content Highlights

  • The world of data is changing
  • What is a Customer Data Platform?
  • Your customers are anything but linear
  • What to look for before you buy
  • 7 steps: How to land a CDP project in your organization
  • A Customer Data Platform complies
  • How a Customer Data Platform affects ROI
  • The Customer Data Platform: Bit by bit
  • Where to go from here?
  • Ibexa DXP
  • Ibexa DXP + Ibexa CDP
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