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Join us to think beyond pure eCommerce to be customer-centric

A recent study from Pew Research revealed that more than 70% of customers stop doing business with a brand when their online experience is poor. 

Avoid the trap of focusing on your e-shop when your B2B sales strategy needs much more.

As the Covid crisis spikes again and digital is the only option forward for the foreseeable future, B2Bs who have been trailing when it comes to their digital transformation are now tempted to go full speed launching e-Commerce projects as quickly as possible as their physical and analog distribution channels are drying up. 

If that’s you – hit the PAUSE button. Pure e-Commerce won’t cut it, as it may only cover a fraction of your customer lifecycle. Traditionally e-Commerce technology has been developed for customers to shop online, and for vendors to sell online, no more, no less. 

What about customer experience? You should be obsessed by your customers and how they interact with you at every touchpoint along their entire customer journey. It means to you need to integrate all aspects of their experience – awareness, acquisition, product experience, customer service, retention – into real and memorable customer digital experiences.  

Watch our 45-minute webinar to discover how customer experiences can be developed with a Digital Experience Platform which includes specific e-Commerce capabilities, enabling you to entirely digitalize your sales strategy, encompassing all phases of your customer lifecycle.  

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