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We are a leading company in digital solutions with nine offices in two continents (Spain, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Benelux, Mexico, Peru, UK and USA) and have a workforce of more than 3,000 people. Thanks to our agile VASSXtreme methodology and its wide brand ecosystem (NATEEVO, Serbatic, vdSHOP, T4S Advance Solutions, Comunytek, ECENTA and VASS), we assist large companies in their digital transformation process, developing and executing the most innovative and scalable strategies from strategy to operation.

We believe that Social Responsibility is a team task which is why the VASS Foundation was created in 2019 to promote research and training in the field of digital talent. We allocate 2% of our profits to charitable actions and the whole team allocates 1% of their time to different volunteer programs.

Our growth arises from the talent and passion for innovation and constant improvement, always our way: making the complex simple.

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