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Mugo Web was founded in 2008 in Vancouver with the main goal: to solve client's web problems. We have been eZ Partners since the start.

With customers around the world, Mugo has developed sites in many different verticals: media, finance, education, healthcare and more. We observe development best practices and develop solutions that are flexible in the long-term and efficient in the short. We hone our core web development skills across the entire stack and keep up to date with web trends.

Mugo is today known around the world for its expertise in eZ Publish. We are surely the most active eZ Publish contributors in North America and recognized leaders in the eZ Community.

We have a team of nine highly capable developers with broad experience over the full stack; from databases and file systems to CSS and JavaScript. All of them play two roles: development and project management. This has been the key to our success and our clients' satisfaction, as they are always in direct contact with a person who understands both the technical and the business sides of the project. We are calm and conscientious people and business partners who listen, and are friendly and polite. We are more than just technology geeks and are often the first point of contact when our clients have ideas.

You can read more about what we've done here:

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