Ibexa Commerce

Transform your online stores and unleash unforgettable shopping experiences for your customers, from first contact to post-purchase support.

From Experience to Business

At Ibexa, we firmly believe that the online experience has a direct impact on business performance. We believe that while the ecommerce transaction is a purpose, it is only part of the purchasing process. Particularly in the case of complex products (High Consideration Product).

Ibexa Commerce provides businesses with a unified and streamlined platform from which you can customize all aspects of the e-commerce experience. By integrating content, personalization and commerce functionality into a single, dedicated interface, Ibexa Commerce helps you manage every aspect of the customer journey. Key factor to drive performance.


Custom ecommerce

Ibexa Commerce has been created especially for complex businesses, to create seamless sales experiences despite the inherent constraints of your business model (price, distribution...). This is why Ibexa Commerce is 100% customizable.

Immersive shopping experiences

Using custom pricing for different customer groups to powerful, personalized product recommendations that you find in Ibexa DXP  takes the customer journey one crucial step further by enabling financial transactions to happen.

Catalog Management

Not only does Ibexa DXP allow you to manage your product repository (PIM), but it also allows you to create an infinite number of product catalogs (with specific prices) making your customers' experience even more personalized.

Best-in-class B2B features

B2B is not B2C. Ibexa Commerce includes the best features specific to B2B to accelerate your digital transformation: Corporate account management, personalized catalogs, custom workflows, quick (re)order, custom prices and more.

All the capabilities you need to offer great experiences to your customers!

Ibexa DXP software is designed to provide your business with all the features, functionality, and support you need to transform your business for the digital age. With a focus on giving you the tools to create, shape, and manage the customer journey, as well as every touchpoint within it, the platform is a holistic and comprehensive solution for your most pressing business needs.

Create an eshop that fits your needs

Ibexa Commerce is delivered with all the features you need to launch your eshop very quickly and accelerate your time-to-market:

  • Attractive storefront starter kits
  • Quick order for customer convenience
  • Real-time cart management
  • Various payment and shipping methods
  • Real-time visibility of stock inventory levels
  • Catalog management, and more

But beyond that, what is really different about Ibexa Commerce is that it is completely customizable. It is no longer up to your business to adapt, it is the software which adapts to bring out your specificities, your know-how. Need to create a specific workflow? Need to add steps to checkout? Everything is possible with Ibexa Commerce.

Personalized Experiences Show That You Care

Each of your customers is unique. Show them you recognize that fact with a personalized e-commerce experience.
Designed to deliver personalized content at every stage of the buying cycle, our B2X e-commerce platform makes it easier for you to market your products and for your customers to find what they need.

  • A standardized search experience for content and product catalogs
  • More detailed product catalogs that enable highly structured product specifications and free-form marketing content
  • Powerful search functionality that helps your customers find what they’re looking for at the first time of asking
  • AI-powered product recommendations that are optimized for your KPIs and improve your ability to cross-sell.

Automate Business Processes

Automating critical business processes is essential if your organization wants to do more with less. 

Ibexa DXP facilitates efficient management of many B2B and B2C business processes, including order and inventory management, customer data and custom pricing. It does so by enabling easy integration with current applications, including your CRM, ERP, PIM and DAM systems.

  • No-code workflow builder (IPAAS)
  • Connect with over 1,300 standard apps with the option to build custom connectors
  • Benefit from pre-designed templates
  • Empower teams with distinct roles, maintain real-time operational control

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