Ibexa DXP – Unified B2B Digital Experience software

A transformative Digital Experience Platform, Ibexa DXP software gives B2B companies the resources required to deliver world-class online experiences and grow e-commerce revenue.
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Building memorable customer experiences for any digital channel with eZ Platform DXP.

Ibexa DXP – designed for change, built for growth

A modular DXP that consists of three distinct products, each of which offers excellent value to businesses and can be used as a standalone tool or combined for enhanced performance and a more comprehensive digital experience. From delivering product recommendations and creating tailored content to providing your business with the digital infrastructure it needs to scale, Ibexa Digital Experience software makes B2B e-commerce easier, smoother, and more profitable.

Ibexa DXP Stack (Application Engine, Content, Experience and Commerce)
Ibexa Content

An intuitive and comprehensive Content Management System (CMS) that enables you to deliver personalized content quickly and efficiently to your customers via a wide range of channels. From simplifying collaboration to streamlining content distribution, Ibexa Content makes working across multiple channels, markets, and languages easy, effective, and affordable.

Ibexa DXP Stack (Application Engine, Content, Experience and Commerce)
Ibexa Experience

Digital Experience software that puts your clients at the center of everything you do. It makes creating the various touchpoints your customers have with your brand easier than ever, enabling you to guide your clients through your critical business processes. 

Ibexa DXP Stack (Application Engine, Content, Experience and Commerce)
Ibexa Commerce

Ibexa Commerce provides businesses with a unified and streamlined platform from which you can customize all aspects of the e-commerce experience. By integrating content, personalization, and commerce functionality into a single, dedicated interface, Ibexa Commerce helps you manage every moment of the customer journey.

Ibexa DXP Stack (Application Engine, Content, Experience and Commerce)
Ibexa Connect

A robust integration platform (iPaaS) that allows you to visualize, design, and automate your work in just a few clicks. Ibexa Connect enables you to connect any app providing remote APIs to any app you need. Its primary mission is to help B2B businesses visually create integrations and automate complex business processes via a drag-and-drop interface without coding expertise or programming knowledge.

Ibexa DXP Stack (Application Engine, Content, Experience and Commerce)
Ibexa CDP

A dynamic customer data platform empowers you to break data silos by unifying your user data from all your data sources, building a unique customer view, and creating more dynamic audiences. Ibexa CDP also allows you to use that data and deliver personalized customer experiences with more effective and seamless orchestration on Ibexa DXP.

Ibexa DXP Stack (Application Engine, Content, Experience and Commerce)
Ibexa Cloud

Enable your development team to deliver more efficient development-to-production processes. Ibexa Cloud is an end-to-end cloud hosting platform with streamlined back-end infrastructure and services for your Ibexa DXP implementation.  


Ibexa DXP Stack (Application Engine, Content, Experience and Commerce)

Why Ibexa DXP?

Discover the value of Ibexa DXP software

C-Suite and management teams can drive digital transformation

For Business Leaders

Transform every aspect of your e-commerce operations.

Empower employees. Deliver game-changing digital experience to customers. Grow your revenue.

Marketing teams can deliver results faster and improve ROI

For Marketing Leaders

Use our DXP software to control of every facet of your marketing campaigns. Leave nothing to chance.

Personalize customer content. Distribute content across all digital channels and in multiple markets. Streamline workflows and collaboration.

Development and engineering teams can streamline their operations to drive digital innovation in their organization.

For Developers and Digital Teams

Automate the everyday. Make room for bigger thinking.

Build, test and scale at speed. Create and innovate with our API-first approach. Discover a new way of developing together.

Grow Your Revenue by Transforming Your Sales Processes

Ibexa DXP software empowers businesses to offer their customers industry-leading online experiences. With a focus on delivering effective content, offering personalized customer journeys, and facilitating multi-channel purchases and customer service, our digital experience software revolutionizes B2B sales, helping you grow your revenue.

  • Personalize the customer experience to offer greater value to your customers
  • Create and shape intuitive customer journeys, seamlessly guiding users from one touchpoint to the next and through the entire purchasing process
  • Deliver content across multiple channels in several different languages, facilitating greater access to new markets
  • Maximize digital sales by offering real-time, custom pricing, a pain-free customer experience, and accurate product recommendations
Revenue growth.png

Digital Transformation at Your Preferred Pace and Budget 

Not every business grows at the same speed, and not every business requires the same digital tools and technologies. The modular DXP software design enables you to take your digital transformation one step at a time. Prioritize those DXP capabilities that you need now and wait to incorporate those you’ll need tomorrow. 

At Ibexa, we don't believe in locking you into a significant up-front investment. We're confident that once you've used one part of our Digital Experience Platform software, you'll be back for more when you're ready.

  • Benefit from modular digital experience software that is comprised of three distinct products, each of which can be used as standalone platforms
  • Add new Ibexa modules as your business grows, aligned with what your budget allows. Minimal initial investment and in-built scalability means Ibexa DXP software is the no-regrets way to kick-start your digital transformation
  • Easy integration with most business systems means you’re not starting from scratch and can get up-and-running immediately
  • Excellent support and guidance from Ibexa extensive partner network ensures your business can begin its digital transformation with confidence
Digital Transformation.png
Ibexa DXP-Functionalities.png

Providing You With All the Functionality and Support You Need

Ibexa DXP software is designed to provide your business with all the features, functionality, and support you need to transform your business for the digital age. With a focus on giving you the tools to create, shape, and manage the customer journey, as well as every touchpoint within it, the platform is a holistic and comprehensive solution for your most pressing business needs.

  • Enable your customers to do business the way they want - using their preferred channels and completing transactions online 
  • Deliver a consistent customer experience across all channels
  • Give your clients exactly what they need - online stock checks, customer support, and payment portals - in one intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • Stay agile and responsive to changes in the online business environment with a DXP that offers you total control

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