New publishing sites live in just eight months

For more than 100 years, the Madsack Media Group has been delivering news and information to the people of Germany. Countless innovations have kept the company alive and thriving throughout its tenure as one of the largest media publishers in Germany. And the same holds true today as digital is becoming a challenging foe for many the publishing industry. Learn how Madsack leveraged the eZ Publish Platform to succeed in an increasingly digital world.

A vast amount of new and archived content needed to be migrated to Ibexa. “It was a challenge,” says Kautz. Madsack’s migration began Sept. 2008, with the first two websites going live in Jan. 2009. “Every 14 days after that, we published one or two more sites onto the platform,” says Kautz. Within eight months we had all of our sites running on Ibexa.”