Le Figaro Sport24

Redesigned website brings agility and greater speed to publish content

Expert in high volume bases of contents and charge peaks, Novactive addressed the technical and strategical issues for the redesign of theSport24.com website.

Since 1998, Sport24.com has covered sporting events in real time and has not stopped innovating the way online information is processed and delivered to the end user. In 2010, the Figaro Group, Sport24 editor, requested an audit by Novactive of their site. Indeed, the former Sport24 website previously suffered technical limitations.

Novactive made some technical recommendations, and also accompanied the Figaro teams in the design and functional development of the new Sport24 website.

After that, Novative began a complete recast of the website. The project lasted four months, and was concluded with the migration of the new Sport24 website and the recapture of the contents. The technical recast of the site allowed for the evolution, flowing and speed in regards to the publication of information.

Those results were possible thanks to the eZ Publish and Varnish solutions.