Platform gives members an improved online experience

ClubCorp is the world leader in private clubs with over 150 golf and country clubs, business clubs, sports clubs and alumni clubs in 25 states and foreign countries.

Their public site provides prospective members valuable information about the membership experience, from both the ClubCorp global network and benefits to specific information about each of the individual clubs themselves. Site visitors are encouraged to either call or fill out an online form to schedule on-site visits and engage further in the membership process.

The challenge was that the ClubCorp marketing team was hampered by a lack of ability to create and update the site content with ease due to a constricted turnkey content management system. As a result:

  1. The site did not cleanly convey the membership experience to a prospective member, causing confusion in the ClubCorp product offering and value proposition.
  2. Individual clubs were unable to convey their unique brand to prospective members, leading to an unappealing user interface and generic content.
  3. ClubCorp marketing could not accurately track the efficacy of the site due to a lack of deep analytics.

The Roundarch team was brought on to holistically revisit the user experience, visual design and templating mechanism and select and install a new content management and analytics platform for use by the ClubCorp marketing team.

Through Roundarch's extensive user experience research and design process, the new site was conceived to better align site content and design with the prospective member journey, walking site visitors through the club membership experience and process and allowing them to further engage with ClubCorp at any point during the process. Secondly, a new visual design templating engine was developed which allows clubs to better convey their brand and offering. Third, site content was better optimized for search engines and deep analytics tracking was installed throughout the site. Finally, eZ Publish was leveraged as a simple tool for the marketing team to update all site content and assets in a distributed manner across all the clubs and for the corporate presence.

Some highlighted eZ features and functionality include:

  • Multisite management
  • Search
  • Rich interface/functionality
  • Dynamic image resizing capabilities (scaling the images on the fly)

Since its launch in late 2010, the new site has already shown measurably better results for prospective members and overall membership leads. The interface is far more dynamic, engaging and better representative of the ClubCorp brand, with better imagery, design, and information architecture, better immersing site visitors into the club membership experience and compelling them to take action.

For the first time in company history, prospects and members can search through the myriad of membership benefits by membership level, geography, and benefit, through an innovative new "Benefit Finder." Finally, ClubCorp marketing is now better equipped to update the site with ease using the eZ Publish tool.