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Mid-Enterprise Market Guide to Digital Experience Platforms From CMSWire

The digital experience platform (DXP) market continues to evolve in 2020 but remains in flux as the market matures and solidifies around the definitions and classification of products and services that are offered, as well as how vendors position themselves. While the DXP market is growing quickly, it is still in an emergent state and no single vendor is capable for meeting all the needs of every organization

This guide provides a solid foundation to understanding the DXP mid-enterprise market and guidance in selecting the right vendor and platform for your unique business requirements and infrastructure needs.

It includes:

  • An explanation of the different types of DXPs
  • What features to look for in a DXP based on your applications and business strategy
  • What role each DXP plays within the broader stack
  • An in-depth dive into the leading six vendors in the market.
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