Adopt a Composable DXP Strategy to Future-Proof Your Tech Stack

Gartner1: “Application leaders cannot meet market needs or business objectives with monolithic digital experience platforms and must update tech stacks, decompose monoliths and deliver task-oriented capabilities. To future-proof the stack, a composable DXP must be used to deliver composable user experiences.”  

In today’s world, with its proliferation of digital channels and multi-experience modalities, companies are judged on the Digital Experiences they deliver to their customers and it can make all the difference between success and failure.  Whether B2C or B2B your digital footprint is an essential component of your overall brand. You need to be able to quickly respond to customer demands, new technologies and have the agility to integrate with other business systems.  

Most Digital Experience tech stacks have not kept up with the changing world and companies need to modernize in order to stay ahead of the competition. Gartner2 says that: “The future requires that DXP applications be broken down or decomposed into a set (or sets) of packaged business capabilities (PBCs).” 

Read Gartner’s report: Adopt a Composable DXP Strategy to Future-Proof Your Tech Stack to get insight on how to: 

  • Modernize Your DXP Technology Stack and Align to Composable Business 
  • Create a Roadmap to Replace or Decompose the DXP Monolith 
  • Future-Proof Your Digital Experience Strategy by Using Granular, Task-Oriented Packaged Business Capabilities. 

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