Personalize every part of the user journey with targeted content and product recommendations

Ibexa Personalization

Optimize the customer experience by delivering the most relevant content or product recommendations to your target audience or individual users in real time
Ibexa Personalization Dashboard
Personalize your customer journey with targeted user preferences.
Explicit personalization

Target & personalize with user choices 

Capture your users’ preferences and deliver highly relevant content and product recommendations, or present specific content or products based on the user’s IP address, geographic region, browser or device.

  • Website personalization 
  • Personalization for different buying roles and permissions
  • Editors can create the wanted segments and explicitly define which content or products to display to which group of users.
Implicit personalization

Eliminate guesswork with data-driven behavioral targeting

Behavioral tracking (e.g. web pages visited, products purchased, products viewed, links clicked, topics searched) can be used to define granular content-delivery scenarios which can automatically identify which content is most relevant to each user.

  • Maximize revenue opportunities with product recommendations and boost audience engagement with editorial content recommendations
  • Achieve great upselling results, for instance by offering highly relevant personalized recommendations to customers in a check-out process.
Track & improve 

Optimize your personalization strategy at scale

Delivering relevant content optimally during a user journey does not have to be complex. Ibexa Personalization lets you configure sophisticated automated content delivery systems across your digital channels and brands, adapted to each user’s journey. Track and analyze your chosen user scenarios to gather insight and develop your targeting strategies to further improve customer engagement.  

  • Utilize the pre-configured out-of-the-box user scenario models
  • Track additional e-commerce revenue generated by personalization.
Customer data

Leverage personalization data across your business

Unified digital experiences can't be supported by data silos. Enrich your customer data by integrating Ibexa Personalization capabilities with existing business systems to boost the power of your personalized customer experiences. 

  • Integrate with CRMs, ERPs, marketing automation & more
  • The Personalization dashboard enables you to monitor the performance of your personalization settings, statistics include revenue reports from your personalized commerce solution. All reports can be downloaded
  • Improve customer retention and reduce churn
  • Deliver better business outcomes with a complete picture of your delivered customer experience.

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Leveraging personalization across your business with integrated customer data.
Getting started

Personalization can be used with all Ibexa DXP products

Ibexa Personalization is available for Ibexa Content, Ibexa Experience and Ibexa Commerce, and you can try it out at no cost. To use it in production, you must purchase the service. Pricing is based on number of personalization API events.


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