Ibexa DXP Features

Segments and Segmentation API

Deliver tailored experiences to each customer

Identify and Engage Specific User Groups

Segments enable personalized user journeys for your customers. Using segments your visitors can be assigned to a group, with this information they can be served more relevant content or have access to different capabilities in your digital service channel.

Greater Customer Acquisition and Retention

Understanding where people are in their customer journey is fundamental to acquiring and keeping your customers. Segments and targeted content blocks enable you to give your customers what they need at each step.

Content that is targeted at a specific audience helps your customers to get to know you, and for them to they feel like you know them.

Ibexa Segments and Segmentation API are available for Ibexa Experience and Ibexa Commerce.


Segments and Segment Groups

The Ibexa user interface enables marketers, editors and developers to define groups based on a business case. Groups can be created based on different factors, such as demographics, geolocation, behavior or any other possible categorization which suits your business needs.

Segment Groups functionality is available under the admin tab section:  Segments. When creating a segment group, an editor is prompted to define the group name and its identifier.

Within the single group, editors can create as many segments as is required to cover a business case. Users can be assigned to many segments, both coming from different groups and from the same group.


Segmentation API 

Interoperability with other systems is very important for DXPs as they integrate many systems into a coherent user experience. Segmentation API helps here by reducing duplicate work of marketers by automatically pulling in segmentation data from a CRM or another MarTech backend system, where you can, beside storing segments, also rely on that system to assign segments to visitors.

These actions are supported and available via the PHP API:

  • Create/ retrieve/ update/ remove a segment
  • Create/ retrieve/ update/ remove a segment group
  • Load the segments assigned to a user, or the current user
  • Assign and unassign a segment from a user.

Targeting Block

Ibexa DXP Targeting Block (available for the Page Builder), gives you a straightforward way to decide whom to target and with what content. Editors can explicitly define what should be shown to which group of users using an intuitive user interface.

When editing the Targeting block, you can decide what user segments will be affected in this block, using the plus or trash button to add/ remove new segments and selectors to navigate between different segments group and segments.

Next, you can choose a content entry for each segment using the 'select content' button which triggers the UDW (Universal Discovery Widget)  interface to easily pick up relevant content. 

Additionally, you need to select default content entries for those who will not match the listed segments.

Segments Automation

Segments factor can also be utilized in the Personalization Engine. By enriching tracked users' behaviour by segment value, the engine can provide content or product recommendations for a specific group of users. Editors, instead of making decisions based on intuition, can deliver relevant content using a data-driven approach.

This product capability is available from 4.0 Ibexa DXP Product version.

Scale your content operations across multiple digital channels and complex brand architectures with a single solution.

For Developers

See how easily you can introduce Segmentation API and implement targeting block functionality. Please note that Segmentation API enables you to replace it with a third-party one while keeping the editorial features (despite  default segmentation storage).

You can access more detailed documentation here: