Ibexa DXP Features

Product Catalog

Manage and orchestrate your entire company’s product portfolio and marketing content, e-commerce in one integrated DXP platform
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Product Catalog is a DXP-native Product Information Management (PIM) component presenting a company’s product offering, including imagery and product details such as description, features, technical parameters, custom pricing, dimensions, weight, color, availability, stock and more.

Complex product information

B2B companies often have complex products and displaying them online is one of the first challenges they face. Product owners need to model and structure complex product information with attributes. In addition they must organize and centralize hundreds or thousands of unique SKUs and  take full control of the product data in one place.





Enrich your product information with rich content

To build great and memorable experiences, you need more than basic product information. To keep visitors and customers engaged, marketing teams and editorial teams want to use rich content to promote product items with videos, high resolution images, brochures etc.
Based on our flexible content model, it’s very simple to adapt such rich and enrich the product information.

Build advanced digital experiences

The new Product Catalog is fully integrated in Ibexa DXP and available from Ibexa Content. It means that you can take advantage of all the other available components such as landing pages for product campaigns, multisite or Site Factory to promote your products in different countries or regions. In addition you can deploy Ibexa Personalization to recommend content or related product items in order to increase conversion or sales.

Differentiate prices based on your market segments, buyers’ organizations
Benefit from custom pricing and well-structured pricing policies for customer groups. Offer special rates of selected products to high-valuable clients and earn their loyalty.



Shorter time to market

You can reduce time to market thanks to a combination of native product information with rich marketing content capabilities offered in Ibexa DXP. Thanks to an intuitive UI, a synchronized and harmonized product data, you are able to quickly showcase new products and update existing ones. Save time and costs connected with selection, purchase, integration, hosting and maintenance of an external PIM.


Global brand presence and recognition

As your business grows and your company wants to promote and sell products in multiple international markets it is essential to provide well-structured product specification in multiple languages and prices in different currencies. This is where Ibexa’s Product Catalog shines, offering the necessary flexibility in translations and multi-currency support.