Ibexa DXP Features

Multisite and Site Factory

Create websites in seconds
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Avoid Digital Sprawl

Companies when they grow face different challenges. One of the recurring problems when growing is to maintain a large number of websites.

When you want to expand to a new country, you will add a new website with a different language. If you create a new brand, you will need a new website with its own design. Launching a promotional campaign, you may need a dedicated landing page for it. 

More websites mean more development costs, more maintenance, more hosting providers as well as increasing your time to market. With different countries or subsidiaries, companies often face the brand consistency challenge. To regain control of the brand, it’s sometimes useful to centralize data, resources and assets.

Ibexa DXP has all the components you need to expand your business and create new opportunities.


Ibexa DXP can be easily configured to have multiple sites in one installation. A few lines of configuration, and developers can set up an instance with multiple brands, multiple languages, etc.

By doing so, people in the same company but working in different departments or countries can use the same assets or resources. For example, a product image can be used for the corporate website, a landing page for a marketing campaign and for the French version of the website. This is the same for any content stored in Ibexa DXP.

If security and data privacy is important, you can also configure Ibexa DXP with multiple databases for multiple sites. This will ensure that data are not shared between websites. Only the source code of the application is shared.

This feature is available in Ibexa Content, Ibexa Experience and Ibexa Commerce.


Site Factory

Multisites configuration is usually the first step for companies when they centralize content, assets and resources.  Any additional new website designs will just require a few lines of extra configuration. This task is usually the responsibility of the development team. 

Marketing teams or editorial teams want more autonomy when it comes to launching a new website. These teams want to be in charge for the go live and have full control of all websites. With Site Factory, this becomes possible. 

Website owners can create a new site for a new country, a new brand or a new product in just a few clicks, without requiring any extra help from IT or developers (having already set up website designs) , reducing time to market and increasing productivity.


Developers can prepare designs and templates for Site Factory (using Ibexa's Site Skeleton functionality whereby they can copy an entire site structure and speed up the the realization of a new site). As soon as the feature is activated, any user with the appropriate rights can create a new site using the administration interface. Just select the design, add a domain name, choose a language, et voilà!

Site Factory also enables you to retire an obsolete website with a single click as well as track which sites are online and offline. It’s easy to edit an offline website, make some changes and reinstate it into an online state in just a few clicks.

Site Factory is available in Ibexa Experience and Ibexa Commerce.