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Deliver personalized content and maximize revenues.
Ibexa's Personalization solution is deployed as part of the eZ Platform DXP's distributed software architecture.
Target users in the right channel, with the right message with eZ Platform DXP's Personalization solution.

Driving great customer experiences is about more than just delivering fantastic content. No two customer journeys are the same, with different interests, preferences, and needs for each user. You need the ability to deliver the right content to the relevant channel or device at the right time.

User preferences

Target & personalize with user choices 

Listen to your users and capture their preferences and specific interests to offer personalized content. Empower your editorial and marketing teams to leverage this information to better target what content will be most relevant to each user.

  • Website personalization 
  • Personalization for different buying roles and permissions.
Personalize your customer journey with targeted user preferences.
Creating and optimizing personalized content and product recommendations with eZ Platform DXP Personalization.
Personalized recommendations

Eliminate guesswork with data-driven behavioral targeting

Behavioral tracking can be used to define granular content-delivery scenarios that can automatically identify which content will perform the best for each user, and can be aligned with your specific digital KPIs. 

  • Maximize revenue opportunities with product recommendations
  • Boost audience engagement with editorial content recommendations
  • Optimize lead-generation campaigns with relevant contextual content offers.
Track & measure 

Optimize your personalization strategy at scale

User paths and relevant supporting content during the buying journey can be complex. Configure sophisticated automated content delivery systems to adapt to each user’s journey, and across your digital channels and brands. Track and analyze your user scenarios to learn and develop your targeting strategies and improve engagement.  

  • Track additional e-commerce revenue generated by personalization 
  • A/B testing for personalization scenarios
  • Pre-configured user scenarios out of the box.
Leveraging personalization across your business with integrated customer data.
Customer data

Leverage personalization data across your business

Unified digital experiences can't be supported by data silos. Enrich your customer data by integrating Ibexa Personalization capabilities with existing business systems to boost the power of your personalized customer experiences.

  • Integrate with CRMs, marketing automation, ERPs & more
  • Improve customer retention and reduce churn
  • Deliver better business outcomes with a complete picture of your customer experience.

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