Cloudinary is a End-to-End media management solution that dynamically delivers high-quality responsive images and videos, enhanced and optimized for any design, browser, device, and bandwidth.

The Cloudinary plugin gives Ibexa DXP developers powerful image optimization capabilities and provides easy access to all of Cloudinary's manipulation features. Using a simple system of chained transformations, you can crop, scale, transcode, filter and optimize your original high-resolution images on-the-fly and tailor transformations based on conditional parameters or the viewing context to deliver the right version to every user. Few of these features include: advanced resizing, smart detection-based cropping, photo effects and filtering, face detection effects, as well as rotating and flipping.

How to Install the Plugin:

The package is open source and available on our Github here

To learn more on how to install the plugin read the following blog post.


  • Advanced resizing
  • Smart detection-based cropping
  • Face detection Instagram-like effects
  • Sprite and CSS generation
  • Transformation chaining

About Cloudinary

Cloudinary is a leading cloud-based, end-to end image and video management solution that automates and streamlines your entire media asset workflow. Cloudinary allows you to handle for your site’s images and videos, including responsiveness, compression, manipulations, hosting, caching, delivery and more.

About Novactive

Founded in 1996, Novactive is an independent interactive agency, mixing technology, communication and online marketing. Novactive has been an Ibexa (and formerly eZ) integrator since 2005. Now an Ibexa Platinum Partner, Novactive develops extensions for the Ibexa Market. Its customers are both large companies and SMEs, in the press and media industries in particular.

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