is a performance testing and performance management solution that is a perfect add-on to your Web infrastructure if you use Ibexa DXP, eZ Platform or eZ Publish. Unlike traditional APMs, it digs deep down in the code and offers actionable metrics and recommendations for your development teams to improve their code, write performance tests and iterate.

Offered in software as a service mode (SaaS), Blackfire empowers all developers and IT/Ops to continuously verify and improve their app’s performance, throughout its lifecycle, by getting the right information at the right moment.

Performance Testing

Performance Testing: helps you make sure you never let your app’s load times frustrate a user.

Performance profiling

Gather detailed performance metrics from your code’s execution, and visualize it in's interactive call graphs.

Performance Management Automation

Automate testing and improve your app’s performance continuously, in all environments.

Key benefits at a glance

  • Enables performance testing to avoid regressions and improve user experience with fast loading applications
  • Integrates in your development team's workflow and tooling to automate performance management in development, staging and production
  • Gives details metrics and recommendations to find performance bottlenecks in the blink of an eye and check the impact of code changes


  • Available on any platform
  • Works in development, staging and production
  • Collaborative workspaces for development teams
  • Performance recommendations
  • Performance tests based on built-in or custom metrics
  • Test scenarios scheduling
  • Test scenarios triggering via webhooks and native integrations
  • Notifications via e-mail, Slack, Hipchat, GitHub, webhook, and more
  • Build reports
  • Profiling data on Wall Time, CPU Time, I/O Time, Memory, Network calls, HTTP Requests and SQL Requests
  • Chrome extension profiling utility
  • CLI utility
  • Callgraphs and functions list
  • Profiles comparisons
  • Integrations in unit testing tools (PHPUnit, Behat,...)
  • Integrations in CI tools (Jenkins, Travis CI,...)
  • Integrations in configuration management utilities (Chef, Docker,...)

About Blackfire is a SensioLabs product. Available for any PHP application, it is used by more than 30,000 developers in the world, and more than 100 references in the Media, eCommerce, Web agencies and pure players markets.

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