Automatically translate text content to 100+ languages using your favorite translation service

The Ibexa Translation Connector provides an integration between translation services and Ibexa DXP.

The connector comes by default with support for Google Translate and DeepL. It can easily be extended to support additional translation services. Ibexa Translation Connector allows marketers and editors to automatically translate their text and characters to over 100 languages.

How to Install the Plugin:

The package is open source and available on Github here

Watch the animated gif below to learn more about the Ibexa Automated Translation Connector:


  • Editors can translate content “on the fly” and further edit as part of the workflow
  • Administrators can setup different translation services to use (Google Translate, Deepl, and more)
  • Developers can develop new drivers for additional translation services
  • Maintain structure and style


Founded in 1996, Novactive is an independent interactive agency mixing technology, communication and online marketing. Novactive has been an Ibexa (and formerly eZ) integrator since 2005. Now an Ibexa Platinum Partner, Novactive develops extensions for the Ibexa Market. Its customers are both large companies and SMEs, particularly in the press and media industries.

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