The Ibexa ActiveDirectory Connector is a directory service for single sign-on identity, user groups roles and policy management on Microsoft Windows domain networks.

Enterprises are usually empowered by a Windows Active Directory (AD) for single sign-on, identity, user groups roles and policy management. AD is a directory service that Microsoft developed for Windows domain networks. It can be either deployed over Windows Server, Azure Active Directory or compatible third-party softwares like Red Hat Directory Server. The benefits for Ibexa DXP having a connection to enterprise wide identity provider is the unified, standardized approach applying all centralized identity information to Ibexa DXP.

Here are some use cases for the Ibexa DXP Active Directory Connector:

  • Editors can login with their common password to the CMS/website.
  • Editors and CMS administrators will automatically get the proper rights for their roles in the CMS.
  • Blocking a known identity will have an instant affect on the CMS/website and connected applications.
  • Management of identity information is happening at a central place for the ease of use for the IT department.

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