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Deliver content-enriched buying experiences to increase revenue.
Ibexa's E-commerce solution is deployed as part of the eZ Platform DXP's distributed software architecture.
Build a seamless buying experience in any channel.

In a digital marketplace filled with endless options, the experience of how companies and buyers purchase is just as relevant as what they’re purchasing.

E-commerce channels allow businesses to grow their digital transformation strategy, by supporting and optimizing existing B2B sales channels with complex sales procurement and budgeting management and opening up new potential digital revenue models.

Frictionless buying

Content-powered e-commerce

Build a buying experience that sets you apart from your competitors and deliver fantastic content experiences at every stage of your buying cycle. Streamline digital marketing and strategic e-commerce operations with a single system for creating editorial and product marketing content, together with enriched product catalogs.

  • Unified search experience across content and product catalogs
  • Enriched product catalogs with editorial content, actionable content marketing, and more.
  • Easily align content marketing and e-commerce performance in one platform
  • Track and optimize conversion KPIs with better user engagement
Manage content and e-commerce with a single solution for richer customer journeys.
Design and manage complex B2B buying cycles with many stages.
Complex sales models

Meet the needs of business buyers

B2B sales models come with specific requirements that go beyond B2C workflows, with purchasing scenarios also varying between industries or even geography. With eZ Platform, be ready to solve the needs of modern B2B commerce and procurement. Support complex buying and orderability. 

  • Custom order list template support
  • Multi-brand, multi-channel, and multi-shop e-Commerce 
  • Support user management for different buying roles and permissions within buying organizations 
  • Custom buying journeys for different user permissions within a customer organization
Target & upsell

Personalize your buying experiences

Together with the eZ Platform Personalization Engine, build contextual buying experiences by delivering the right content, at the right time, in the right channel. Support the entire customer lifecycle with better user engagement with relevant content and product recommendations.

  • Maximize revenue uplift with product or editorial content recommendations
  • Website personalization and content targeting  
  • Abandoned shopping cart
  • Real-time dynamic and custom pricing
Checkout experience

Enable smooth customer transactions

Support the critical transaction stage for end users with a smooth buying experience unified by the eZ Platform DXP. Build rich product content and catalogs, with website personalization and targeted content. Support complex sales processes that combine offline and online interactions.

  • Fast check out process
  • Shopping list & product comparisons
  • Orderability and budget management for customers
  • Integrate with procurement and supply chain systems
Integrate Ibexa's digital experience platform with your key business systems like ERP, marketing automation, and CRM systems.
Data flow & integrations

Integrate with business systems and break down data silos 

Leverage, a fully integrated e-Commerce solution, not separated in data and operations silos. eZ Platform’s deep interoperability enables seamless integration with your key business systems. Easily manage your e-commerce operations together with your existing technology to build more complete customer data. 

  • Integrate with marketing automation & CRM systems, ERPs, PIMs, and more
  • Bespoke integration implementation
  • Optimize business operations across systems for inventory management, customer information, order management, invoicing, and more

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