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Application Engine

Build, iterate, innovate.
Ibexa's Application Engine is deployed as part of the eZ Platform DXP's distributed software architecture.
Deliver innovative digital experience solutions with an agile development framework using eZ Platform DXP, built on Symphony PHP.

The possibilities for building digital experiences keep growing, with technology continually opening up new opportunities. Creating new sites, apps, or features is not a one-off project but a continuous, iterative process.

Design, build and deploy new features faster than ever before with Ibexa DXP Application Engine. Based on Symfony, the leading PHP development framework offers to offer you a faster, more agile, high-performance development experience.

For even more speed, agility, and control, our Cloud Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering, Ibexa Cloud, lets you streamline your entire development workflow, from the very first line of code of a new developer in your team to deploying high-traffic, mission-critical web applications to production.

Integrations & interoperability

Drive digital change with an API-first approach

Modern software architecture is distributed, meaning effective app-to-app communication is the key to improving performance. 

Ibexa DXP is built with modern software architecture, using a strategic, API-first approach. It provides a robust framework for extending and customizing capabilities, enabling you to build around your evolving business needs and technology infrastructure, both today and tomorrow. This deep interoperability makes it perfect for integrating with any of your critical business systems.

  • Integrate with existing business systems
  • Build a unified ‘experience’ technology platform on top your existing infrastructure
  • Lightweight solution for scaling new capabilities as you grow
Agile development and integrations with native GraphQL and REST APIs
Choose a headless approach

Build for every channel with native GraphQL and REST APIs

Ibexa DXP is built as a unique technology platform, and designed with a modular, decoupled software architecture. Unlike all-in-one monolithic solutions, this provides greater agility when developing for individual components and functionality. Choose to go entirely headless for application development and content delivery to suit your specific front-end technology requirements.

  • Flexibility to use Ibexa DXP as a Headless CMS 
  • Choose to deploy as a Headless e-commerce solution
  • Build for all digital channels with a single technology stack, including bespoke apps
Symfony PHP full-stack

Reduce the time from development to production

Take advantage of the cutting-edge Symfony PHP development stack, the market-leading choice for PHP web development. Because Ibexa DXP fully embraces the Symfony design and concepts, not just a few selected components, build with it is very comparable to building a full-stack Symfony application, except we've already done a lot of the hard work for you.

  • Built with the Symfony full-stack framework 
  • Use familiar, proven tools and libraries from Symfony such as Twig, Flex, Composer and many other components
  • Easily integrate any bundle from the existing global Symfony ecosystem.
Easily build new features and capabilities for web, apps, and more with Ibex's digital experience platform, built on Symphony PHP.


Ibexa DXP is a set of functionalities working well together on top of the best PHP Framework: Symfony
Sébastien Morel
Platform-as-a-Service DevOps & hosting services

Agile deployment with Ibexa Cloud

Free your development team to focus on building innovation.

Deploy and host the Ibexa DXP with our end-to-end cloud deployment and hosting solution, Ibexa Cloud. Leveraging a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) approach frees developers from managing systems and infrastructure operations to focus on building better solutions and capabilities. Giving developers a high-performance development platform in the cloud enables them to focus on developing and testing new features and speeds up the process from development to production.

  • Speed up developer onboarding and day-to-day tasks
  • Instantly deploy to testing environments, enforcing speed and quality processes
  • Implement and deploy new features to production faster 
  • Quickly scale your infrastructure as you grow
  • Meet high-availability and high-performance standards (99.99% uptime guarantee)

Ibexa DXP Software Architecture


Diagram shows eZ Platform DXP's distributed software architecture and API-first approach for building and extending new capabilities.
Open-source software

Join a vibrant open community of digital professionals

Benefit from a global community of digital professionals with expert knowledge around building new solutions for Ibexa DXP. 

The community of developers working with Ibexa technology (45 000+ developers) draws on the vibrant Symfony community (6000 000 + developers) to provide an extensive yet highly dedicated community of software professionals. As part of the Ibexa DXP open source community, you'll also benefit from the shared power of Ibexa's expert integration partners' and customers' combined knowledge about developing for our critical open source software components.

  • Learn and discover Ibexa DXP with free knowledge resource (available to open source and enterprise edition users)
  • Access the open-source version of our software free to create, test and learn the technology
  • Accelerate your learning and new projects via knowledge sharing with community experts and certified integrations partners
  • As with any real open source software, you are very welcome to contribute to the software development and roadmap of Ibexa DXP



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