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SinnerSchrader Commerce

We are SinnerSchrader Commerce, the digital commerce experts of the SinnerSchrader Group, with around 100 employees in Hamburg and Prague. We develop and support innovative digital commerce solutions that differentiate and drive sales.

Creativity in all disciplines and a results-driven approach make us a strong partner for companies such as HSE24, WAGO, Görtz and Tchibo.

Our project approach...

Based on the experience of over 100 successfully implemented digital commerce projects, SinnerSchrader Commerce has developed its own project procedure. It ensures that the commerce solution created meets the defined business objectives and achieves the highest user acceptance.

...is goal-oriented

In order to steer a project to a successful conclusion, we map out the project trajectory with a set of jointly defined goals. At the beginning of each project we conduct workshops with our customers to define objectives and general requirements. By involving all project stakeholders on the client's side, we create shared guidelines for decision-making within the project.

...and user-centered

We help our clients understand their users, because it is the user needs that dictate what system we should be building together. We use methods of qualitative market research such as focus groups or contextual enquiry to find out what makes the user tick. This ensures that the created solution is accepted by the users and that an optimal commercial success is achieved through a consistent transactional approach.

...but also interdisciplinary

To only way to arrive at the best and most efficient solution for our client is through close personal cooperation between experts. So we work with interdisciplinary teams that bring together digital commerce experts in the areas of consulting, analysis, project management, user experience (UX), conception, visual design, software architecture, software development, quality management, shop management and content management.

...and agile

We develop agile. Our many years of experience have taught us that software initiatives are always novel and complex, making it difficult to define the exact requirements at the beginning of a project. To achieve an optimal solution, you need the flexibility to react to what you discover in the course of the project, and to adapt the planned solution accordingly. This is one of the strengths of agile development. Numerous studies show that especially medium and large software projects are much more successful with an agile approach than with the classical waterfall model. We work with development industry standards Scrum and Kanban to maximize transparency and minimize project risk.

...and we continuously optimize after launch

Our unique shop management approach ensures that the digital commerce solutions we create are continuously optimized in terms of conversion and sales. An interdisciplinary team of digital analysts, UX consultants, designers and developers build approaches that are tested via A/B tests with regard to defined KPIs after consultation with our customers. We have a long list of success stories from which we draw our experience and which we would be happy to present to you.

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