Create memorable customer experiences

Ibexa Experience

A modular Digital Experience Platform for customer-centric organizations who want to go beyond content and create frictionless, memorable experiences for customers, members, and partners
Ibexa Experience
  • Go from concept to execution with speed and agility: create localized and multi-brand websites, customer portals, partner portals and event sites, as well as emerging digital tools such as in-store or mobile kiosks and bots
  • Create new websites with just a few clicks with Ibexa's Site Factory
  • Integrable with your existing CRM, ERP, and marketing automation systems

Ibexa Experience makes it easy to craft memorable customer experiences and design the customer journey in a smooth manner without any support from IT. While Ibexa Content is content-centric, Ibexa Experience goes a step further, catering for businesses in need of efficient and streamlined ways of creating and managing new websites for different markets, locations or brands.

Success story: Essilor: Efficiently deploying a complex, digital ecosystem across geographies >

Key Capabilities:
Site Factory

Create New Websites and Profitable Campaigns in Moments

Create a new website with just a few clicks with Ibexa's Site Factory feature. Simplify how your marketing team builds and manages new campaign sites, multiple brand sites, portals, microsites, sub-domains, and localized web content.

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use website templates
  • Reuse content and functionalities across sites
  • Manage translations across different sites 
  • Unlimited number of site domains. 
Generate brand new websites in just a few clicks with Site Factory.
Ibexa Personalization

Treat Every Customer Like a VIP

Creating great customer experiences includes more than just delivering outstanding content. Every customer journey is unique; therefore you must cater for each user’s interests, preferences and needs. Deliver highly relevant content or product recommendations – in the right channel at the right time – to individual users with Ibexa Personalization. 

SEO and digital marketing

Boost Your Digital Marketing Performance

Implement SEO and social media content strategies at scale across all your sites in a quick and easy manner. Automatically generate SEO metadata and social media images together with semantic data. Benefit from advanced management features to further customize SEO data, including local language versions.

  • SEO optimization for multiple sites and languages
  • URL redirect management dashboard
  • Connect your social media channels for optimized content sharing.
Other Features:
Drag and drop Page Builder

Build new pages faster 

Bring web pages to life with the Page Builder tool's visual drag and drop functionality to easily add and remove content. Integrated with the Ibexa DXP Content Engine, it's super simple to deliver your content across multiple pages and sites.

  • Build and manage web pages in no time
  • Out-of-the-box content blocks ready to use
  • Simple on-page editing
  • Create custom content blocks for the Page Builder tool.
Cross-channel experiences

Meet your customers where they need you

Ibexa Experience goes way beyond websites and can provide content and experiences across channels, from PWA or native apps to emerging channels such as wearables, bots, IoT or in-store kiosks.

Ibexa ensures a consistent, continuous experience for your customers across all your channels.

Customer data capture

A native form builder for your websites

Form Builder is a native addition to the Page Builder tool. Its drag and drop functionality lets you create new website forms and easily add them to your websites. It can be integrated with existing business systems like marketing automation and CRM platforms, while developers can effortlessly  add new custom form fields. 

  • Create simple forms or complex user surveys
  • Add forms via Page Builder
  • Add custom form fields.
Targeted content

Target customers with the right content

The value of your content is perceived differently by each customer Enable your editorial and marketing teams to target different user segments with different curated content.

  • Segment based on customer preferences
  • Segment based on external customer data
  • Target anonymous or logged-in users
  • Manage fallback rules
  • Preview different users’ experiences.

Plan, orchestrate and automate your campaigns

Thanks to the unique scheduler in Ibexa Experience, teams can plan and automate the evolution of your websites and be able to test and preview well ahead of publication.

  • Schedule publishing and unpublishing
  • Schedule content teasers and blocks
  • Integrate with your editorial calendars and other scheduling systems
  • Ensure a steady rotation or change of content on your key web pages. 

Integrate with business systems and break down data silos 

Leverage a fully integrated e-commerce solution, not separated by data and operations silos. Ibexa DXP’s deep interoperability enables seamless integration with your key business systems. Easily manage your e-commerce operations together with your existing technology to build more complete customer data. 

  • Integrate with marketing automation & CRM systems, ERPs, PIMs, and more
  • Bespoke integration implementation
  • Optimize business operations across systems for inventory management, customer information, order management, invoicing, and more.
Ibexa Personalization

Improve Your Digital Performance With Highly Personalized Recommendations

Ibexa DXP includes a powerful personalization feature that extends the benefits of using Ibexa Experience by enabling you to deliver personalized content and product recommendations to your customers.

Ibexa Personalization uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to learn from your content’s performance and your customers’ behavior to deliver recommendations that will maximize your digital impact.

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