Digitalize and automate the way you do business

Ibexa Commerce

A truly holistic DXP designed to accommodate all steps of a B2B customer journey, from customer awareness to purchase – and beyond
  • Digitally transform the way you sell and do business, including digitalization and automation of business transactions
  • Explore the full power of Ibexa DXP, with content, commerce and personalization in one, unified platform 
  • Integrable with your existing CRM, ERP, and marketing automation systems

Execute your digital transformation strategy by taking advantage of all the benefits a B2B commerce-ready DXP provides rather than using a standalone e-commerce solution. By utilizing one, unified platform for content, personalization and commerce, you will be able to create a truly streamlined digital marketplace for your business – and implement new, digital revenue models.

Key Capabilities:

Digitalize and Streamline B2B Business Transactions

Ibexa Commerce is designed specifically for B2B companies in need of a single platform to digitalize their business processes across all channels. Ibexa Commerce meets all the requirements of a B2B business moving from offline to online commerce.

  • Combine B2B and B2C commerce with one, unified platform
  • Enable D2C – Direct to Customer (whether consumer or business)
  • Provide your partners, distributors, and resellers with digital commerce capabilities
  • Deliver a multi-brand and multi-channel digital commerce experience.

Content-powered E-commerce

Build a buying experience that is truly differentiating by delivering personalized content at every stage of the buying cycle. Streamline digital marketing and strategic e-commerce operations with a single system for creating editorial and product marketing content, as well as enriched product catalogs.

  • Unified search experience across content and product catalogs
  • Enriched product catalogs with editorial content, actionable content marketing, and more
  • Easily align content marketing and e-commerce performance in one platform
  • Track and optimize conversion KPIs with better user engagement.

Meet the Needs of Modern Business Buyers

B2B sales models come with specific requirements that go beyond B2C workflows, with purchasing scenarios varying between industries or even geographies. Ibexa Commerce solves the challenges of modern B2B commerce and supports complex buying and ordering processes.

  • Supports custom order list templates
  • Segmented or personalized pricing
  • Multi-brand, multi-channel, and multi-shop e-commerce
  • Support user management for different buying roles and permissions within buying organizations
  • Custom buying journeys for different user permissions within a customer organization.
Design and manage complex B2B buying cycles with many stages.
Other Features:
Custom pricing

Adapt your catalog and prices to your different channels

Ibexa Commerce lets you customize your product information and prices to different channels and target groups. This is crucial if you operate with different prices to e.g. resellers, distributors, and customers. Or even to specific relations with custom pricing defined by your sales team in their ERP or CRM systems, which are integrated with Ibexa Commerce.

Purchase workflow

Embrace your customer organization to facilitate its purchase journeys

In B2B transactions, buyers are rarely acting on their own. In general, buyers are working in teams, where team members have different roles in the purchase workflow. Ibexa Commerce lets you model and orchestrate complex workflows for different procurement roles. From simple purchase approval to using quotas or expenditure thresholds – all complex processes can be implemented, leveraging our commerce engine and the strong role and permission system of Ibexa DXP.

Business systems integration

Integrate your business processes 

Ibexa Commerce supports all the business processes required by B2B and B2C commerce and provides a strong business integration layer for that purpose. Order management, payments, inventory and stock management, customer data, custom pricing, etc. All processes are delivered through an integration layer. This makes it possible to integrate with your existing business applications including CRM, ERP, PIM, and payment systems.

Product recommendations

Grow your revenue thanks to AI-based personalization

Our personalization service enables you to track the behavior of your customers and to calculate and predict the best product recommendations to upsell or cross-sell to your customers at any stage.

Ibexa Personalization uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to compute predictive models that will optimize your channels for the KPIs you have, whether it is pure sales, inventory optimization or other targets.

Unified faceted search

Let your customers find relevant content and product information easily

No matter how comprehensive your product catalog is, the number of SKUs or the volume of related content you have in your systems – your customers have no tolerance for waiting in line, especially when it comes to B2B purchases. 

With Ibexa DXP, you can leverage the powerful search module – powered by Elasticsearch or Solr – which provides speedy search results, highly relevant result sets, and intuitive and interactive faceted navigation to let your customers drilldown to what they need quickly and intuitively, regardless of the type of content they are looking for.

Built-in PIM

Centralize all your product information

With Ibexa DXP, you benefit from a unified solution for management of all product information, from highly structured and defined product specifications to free form and rich content that will create attention to your catalog. Depending on your strategy, it can either be integrated with a PIM system or act on its own. 

Ibexa Personalization

Improve Your E-commerce Performance With Highly Personalized Recommendations

Ibexa DXP includes a powerful personalization feature that extends the benefits of using Ibexa Commerce by enabling you to deliver personalized content and product recommendations to your customers.

Ibexa Personalization uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to learn from your content’s performance and your customers’ behavior to deliver recommendations that will maximize your digital impact.

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