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In the online shop, on your website, at the service counter or in the showroom, your customers expect the same user experience at all points of contact with your company. Equipped with smartphones and wearables, they are able to interact with you anytime, anywhere. Before they make a purchasing decision, it's all about inspiration and optimal information.

Aioma sets the stage by pooling all relevant and current data within the company to help it steer the user through the entire customer life cycle. With the right content, companies can take their customers to exactly the products and information they are looking for ─ at the right time and place. Aioma calls this: Everywhere Commerce.

Aioma provides the technology, tools, and services to help you create compelling digital experiences. Create content-rich stores, websites and apps, and distribute content and products through multiple channels and in multiple languages. Manage all your websites and stores from a single, secure platform.

What Aioma's customers say:

14 years project experience

"Thanks to years of experience in developing e-business and e-commerce applications with a data-based approach, Aioma helps make forward-looking digital decisions. You can pay attention to the details that are critical to success without losing sight of the big picture. Because your processes are lean and efficient."


"Aioma relies on proven standard products that can be customized. In principle, individual solutions are of course preferable ─ but their development is also a question of time and cost. Aioma optimizes time-to-market, costs and benefits to your business by combining the best of custom development, open source frameworks and off-the-shelf products."


"Aioma selects its team members carefully. At Aioma, you can expect one of the most experienced and passionate e-commerce teams in Europe. The team does everything necessary to plan and implement a successful e-commerce strategy ─ competently and multidisciplined. This includes strategic consulting, conception and design, development, operation and data management.

"They show you quickly, honestly and directly what they have developed based on your data. Concisely and without sales stories. They give it to you straight."

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