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adesso SE

adesso is one of the leading independent IT service providers in the German-speaking world, focusing on providing consultancy and individual software development services for the core business processes of companies and public administration. adesso’s strategy rests on three pillars: comprehensive knowledge of the sector on the part of our employees, extensive, non-proprietary technological skills and tried-and-tested methods for implementing software projects. This approach provides companies with IT solutions that boost their competitiveness. Our core industries include automotive, banking and financial services, healthcare, life science, lottery, energy supply, manufacturing industry, trade fair companies, public administration, transport companies, insurance/reinsurance companies and retail. adesso was founded in 1997. The adesso Group, which has over 4,200 employees and generated an annual turnover of €449.70 million in 2019, is one of the largest German IT service providers.

The Digital Experience business unit combines the creative services of a digital agency (formerly ARITHNEA GmbH) with the expertise of an experienced IT consulting firm.

We work closely with our clients and partners to define suitable solutions required to successfully create websites, portals, e-commerce platforms and CRM systems. In the digital experience space, we combine a creative and customer-centric view of brands and customer journeys with high-level expertise in consulting and implementation. Through the interdisciplinary collaboration of digital marketing, user experience and IT know-how, we design customer processes and develop unique e-commerce, CMS and CRM solutions that not only work but above all feel good.


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