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Optimize Your Marketing Strategy with a Suite of Technology and Tools

Search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, email marketing, marketing automation and social media are often considered the cornerstones of today’s B2B and B2C digital marketing strategies. But while the term digital marketing has been around for some time, the concept still means different things to different people.

No matter how you define it, we believe your digital marketing strategy is only as good as your content. Without quality content and the right tools to manage it, your digital marketing initiatives will suffer. Ibexa DXP provides a mix of marketing technology and tools that will help your team work smarter and deliver better results.

Build your website

For most digital marketing teams, the website remains one of the premiere channels for promoting content and generating inbound leads. Ibexa’s content management capabilities gives you the technology and tools to build, manage and optimize your site. With Ibexa you can also create microsites for specific campaigns and manage all of them in a single platform.

Produce quality content, manage it wisely

With our channel-neutral approach, you can create content once and publish it everywhere - desktop, tablet, mobile, print media and the Internet of Things (IoT). Ibexa's DXP also provides an intuitive interface for marketers to create content and manage dynamic landing pages. Schedule content in advance, customize your workflows and accelerate your content marketing.

Automate your marketing tasks and workflows

Marketing automation is a cornerstone for digital marketing today, and it’s no surprise these systems have taken center stage. With so many channels, platforms and activities to manage, marketers can get overwhelmed fast, and automating marketing tasks and workflows is key to success.

Ibexa integrates seemlessly with the best marketing automation systems to help digital marketers unify activity across all digital channels and measure the ROI of campaigns, enabling you to optimize your programs, drive customer engagement and increase the quantity and quality of leads you bring to the organization.

Help your target audience find you

Organic traffic fuels the sales funnel, so it’s no surprise that SEO remains a critical part of most enterprises’ digital marketing strategies. Ibexa DXP provides many features that help you increase the discoverability of your site, products and services.

Our software generates friendly URLs and if you change a page URL, the CMS permanently redirects users and instructs search engines to assign page authority to the new URL. You can also create URL aliases for campaigns, manage meta tags to ensure the right information appears on each search engine results page (SERP), and input social meta tags to control which content renders on social networks.

Personalize your digital experiences

Customers today expect a personalized experience every time they engage with your brand. From product and content recommendations to personalized notifications, Ibexa software helps you optimize conversion rates by delivering highly relevant content to each user.

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