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Erhalten Sie einen Überblick der verfügbaren Funktionen in eZ Platform Enterprise

Content Engine

Erstellen Sie unvergessliche Inhalte schnell und sicher in großem Umfang und spielen Sie sie auf jede Art und Weise aus (inkl. Headless-Ansatz).

Strukturierter Content

Create, edit and delete any type of content including rich media

Suport for complex content architecture

Create content to be deliveled on any channel or destination

Content Type creation with no code

Rich and unlimited library of fields for your content types

Tree-based content organization

Multi-location of content

XML/Html5/Docbook rich text editor

Content relation and content integrity check

Tagging and taxonomy management

Content Preview

Zusammenarbeit & Workflow

Granular role and permission system

Quick-review Workflow to expedite content approval

Configurable Worklow engine to enforce content management processes across teams

Collaboration feed and notification system

Dashboards with workflow and collaboration widgets

Version history (and rollbacks)


Content localization and translation support

Simple translation interface

Sophisticated translation policies

Automated translation (optional with 3rd party services)

Support for 64 languages per installation, by default

Administrative user interface localized in ### languages

Simple to localize the interface in new languages, or define your own translation

Support for special character sets

Website Factory

Schnellere und sichere Zusammenstellung und Verwaltung von Websites ohne Entwicklung und die Möglichkeit, Inhalte und Funktionen wiederzuverwenden.


Site Factory user interface to create website in a few click

Support from minisites to full-fledged websites

Support site skeleton and site design themes

Reuse content across websites

Manage translation of websites

Page Builder

Build pages visually by drag and dropping blocks and components

In-page editing

Built-in collection of blocks to use

Support for mulitple page layouts and templates

Scheduling and automation of page and content curation

Visual form builder and form manager

Web Marketing

Support for user generated content

SEO and URL management

Support for Metada for Social Platforms, Open Graph and AMP

Automated or editorially driven site navigation

Support for User Generated Content (UGC)

Native enterprise site search (solr/elastic)

Full freedom on HTML markup


Anpassen von Inhalten an das entsprechende Nutzerverhalten, dem Kontext und dem Kanal, um relevant zu sein

Benutzergesteuerte Personalisierung

Website personalization based on user preferences

Website personalization based on roles and permissions

Content targetting based on content taxonomy and user interests

GDPR support

Verhaltensorientierte Personalisierung

User web activity tracking

Behavioral based analysis engine for personalization

Performance driven personalization (optimized for KPIs)

Analytics dashboard

A/B testing of scenarios


Based on historical activity

Based on content

Most purchased, most visited

Abandoned cart and sessions



Vereinen Sie Content und Commerce, um ein intuitives und optimiertes Einkaufserlebnis zu bieten


Fast check out process

Shopping list

Product comparison

Rich product information

Unified user experience with other parts

Customized and personalized shopping experience

Generally all common features from e-shop systems

Content + Commerce

Unified content management for rich content and product information

Unified site management for administrators and operators

Unified search engine to search across products, orders, lists, content and more

Content-rich product pages

Business to Business (B2B)

Business process integration with ERP, CRM and PIM systems

Budget and order management for buyers

Purchase workflow and approval

Real-time and custom personalized pricing

Quick-order and order lists for speedy purchasing

Integration with supply chain and procurement systems


Entwurf, Entwicklung und Bereitstellung neuer Funktionen mit Geschwindigkeit und Flexibilität. Nahtlose Integration in andere Systeme

Web Development

Cutting edge Symfony PHP development framework

API-first software design

Build-in GraphQL and REST remote APIs

Extension points available for nearly all parts of the software

Content engine extensible by design 

Low code customization system

Continuous Deployment

A Cloud service that takes care of infrastructure and services for your eZ Platform application from Dev to Production

Simplified speedy deployments to staging, test and production

Git-based, integrating with Github, Gitlab and Bitbucket

High Availability hosting - 99.99% availability SLA

Multicloud support: AWS, Microsoft Azure, Orange, Google, and regional partners

Reliable and secure - SOC2 certified


API-first sofware design which allows simple integration with any systems

Business process connectivity framework for key processes: content, digital assets, orders, product catalog, inventory etc.

Headless-ready thanks to a decoupled architecture

Connector repository and examples: translation services, payment gateways, DAM, ERP, PIM, CRM etc.

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