The Week in Review: Vote for eZ Platform, Sneak Peek eZ Platform 2.3 and More

This week's news in the eZ ecosystem: the CMS Critic Award nominations are open, a sneak peek into eZ Platform 2.3 and scheduling, feedback requested on SiteAccess and more.


CMS Critic Award Nominations

The CMS Critic Award nominations are open again. In 2016 we won the award for Best Enterprise CMS, and in 2017 we were runner up in the same category with eZ Platform. Head over the the CMS Critic website to vote for eZ Platform!

All you need to do is enter your e-mail, put "eZ Platform, Best Enterprise CMS" under solution and provide the reason for which you think we deserve this award.

Sneak Peek eZ Platform 2.3, Scheduling

eZ Platform 2.3 is due end of September. Amit Golan Gutin, Product Marketing Manager at eZ Systems, takes a sneak peek into one of the improved features, scheduling changes on your website.

"Previously, the Content Scheduler Block was called the Schedule Block. We decided to rename this feature to avoid any confusion of its purpose and functionality.

The Content Scheduler Block is for the Page Builder. When placed on the page, the Content Scheduler Block allows the editor to schedule when and which content will appear and move in the block, whether that be a news headline, new marketing campaign, new product release, or anything time sensitive."

Read the full article.

Feedback Requested

How can we avoid issues with Siteaccess settings on defaultValue() & defaultNull() usage?

"Currently in SiteAccess config system in eZ Platform, when out of the box bundled and thirdparty bundles define their own config which should be siteaccess aware, eZ Platform reuses Symfony's NodeBuilder system for allowing us to express the config we want to expose as siteaccess settings."

André Rømcke, VP Technical Services & Support at eZ Systems, poses the question: how can we improve DX and avoid this issues completely?

Read the full scope and explanation of these issues on our forum, and do leave feedback if you have an opinion on this!

Community Survey Closed

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Community Survey! We received a fair amount of response which will provide us with more than enough data to finalize the eZ Community Strategy. Stay tuned and read more on this topic in the Week in Review soon.

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