The Week in Review: phasing out, security advisories and More

This week's news in the eZ ecosystem: news on phasing out, two security advisories announced, eZ Publish legacy releases and more.


Phasing out

The community contribution corner, or better known as, has been around for years. As a place for contributions e.g. extensions built for eZ Publish. With the development of eZ Platform, the successor to eZ Publish, this resource is at a point that it is no longer getting any contributions.

For this reason, eZ Systems is preparing to phase out We are currently at the stage of reaching out to individual project owners, to inform them through email about these plans. Part of phasing out this resource, is moving all of the project code to GitHub.

Note: will be discontinued as of December 31, 2018. A month before this date, the site will be put in read-only mode to make sure no projects will be added anymore. Stay tuned for more news.

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Security Advisories

This week, two security advisories have been published. For details such as severity, affected versions and more, please check each advisory individually:

eZ Publish legacy releases

eZ Publish legacy v2017.12.4 and v2018.09.1 are released. One recent change worth noting to all is slight change to versioning. These 2017/2018 releases have until now had the internal version number v5.90.0-alpha1, as this was confusing this has now changed to make it easier to know roughly what version people are on (for exact versions always check with composer show).

Check the full details and overview of current version on our forum.

Feedback wanted: GraphQL and APIs, entry points into content?

Bertrand Dunogier from the Product team is looking for your feedback on GraphQL and APIs: "I'm working on our GraphQL API, and I'm currently researching about the entry points used to retrieve content. I'm mostly thinking of mobile or independent frontend apps (e.g. React or similar). If you have use-cases of what you would (like to) retrieve, and using which criteria (set of location ids, types...), I'd be very interested."

If you are interested in this topic, please leave your feedback on our forum, or on Slack.

Bertrand has a demo running, which is available here. This is running on a version referred to on GitHub. For documentation, please check:

In Other News:


Product Feedback

A few weeks ago we introduced a new channel on Slack where you can provide product feedback, apart from the existing channels. We are adding another way for you to provide product feedback, through the newly launched Product Feedback Portal, available at

This new Portal provides insight to what is already on the radar for Product Management. You can leave feedback to items already on this roadmap, or you can suggest something new.

How does it work? On the Portal, you will find 'tiles' with a topic title and description. Click on a tile and select 'Nice-to-have','Important' or 'Critical'. Once you select one of these options, you can also leave a comment, and finally your email. Or you can use the button on the top-right to provide feedback for something not listed on the Portal yet.

Question of the Week

Serhey Dolgushev posted on Slack, that they "are upgrading eZ Legacy 4.3 to latest eZ Platform." His challenge, and question, is which path to follow for upgrading eZ Publish 4.3 to the latest eZ Platform. Check the thread on Slack for details.

Looking for a bundle compatible with eZ Platform? Check out:

Social Media

Another amazing update of Kaliop Migration Bundle for #ezplatform is out. Release notes available at - Gaetano Giunta (@gggeek) November 1, 2018

"Our next release is planned for end of December and it will be #eZPlatform v2.4. It will provide a collection of new capabilities focusing primarily on editorial teams." #roadmap #exclusiveinterview #ecommerce #CMS #innovation #technology @eZSystems - CMS-Connected (@cmsconnected) October 25, 2018

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