The Week in Review: New Community Board, eZ Conference Speakers Announced and More

This week's news in the eZ ecosystem: Meet the new eZ Community Board, eZ Conference speaker lineup announced, eZ Platform 1.13.2-rc1 and more.


Speaker Lineup Announced for eZ Conference 2018

We've released our lineup of speakers for the Content Track and Technical Track. Thank you to all who submitted speaking proposals. Check out the individual speakers in our announcement. If you haven't registered for eZ Conference on June 6 in Cologne, you can do so at it's free this year.

Are you a developer? Don't forget we'll have a full day of workshops the day prior to the conference, on June 5. Workshop sessions will cover eZ Platform v2, eZ Platform Cloud and eZ Commerce.

SensioLabs will also hold a developer workshop in parallel to eZ's on June 5 at the same venue as eZ Conference. It will be an introduction to Symfony, and it will get developers off the ground building a simple application where they will get to know the most important features to use in their everyday work with Symfony.

Developers can register for both the eZ and SensioLabs workshops at

Meet the New Community Board

Last week we announced the new Community Board. The Board has a term of one year, and after the renewal process we are welcoming Gunnstein Lye (eZ Systems) and Alex Wilson (Bluetel) to the Community Board.

The eZ Community Board represents you, the eZ community. You are invited to contact one or more of those who represent you, or to contact the entire Board, to share your views, needs, and questions.

eZ Platform 1.13.2-rc1

eZ Platform 1.13.2 (LTS) is available as release candidate. As always, we welcome developers to test this release. Check out the change log on GitHub, which includes the improvements and bug fixes this release will bring. This release is scheduled for end of next week.

In Other News:


eZ Platform Bundle Generator

Another "One Monday One Bundle" by Emmanuel Drouet. This time Emmanuel shares his eZ Platform bundle generator (EzBundleGeneratorBundle) on YouTube and Packagist.

Question of the Week

On our Slack channels, Kostas asked this: "Hi guys, is there a way to convert legacy XML Text to new Rich Text format?" Edi Modrić replied: "Yes, there's a `php bin/console ezxmltext:convert-to-richtext` script. Take care though, the script is still unstable and I think not all features are supported, so DB backup is mandatory before"

Looking for a bundle compatible with eZ Platform? Check out:

Social Media

I have installed #ezpublish/#ezplatform at least once every month for the last 7,8 years and I guess it's fair to say I know how to do it pretty well. but I had my best and easiest installation of lifetime with #eZlaunchpad last weekend. thanks @Plopix @eZSystems - Amir Koklan (@Amirkoklan) April 10, 2018

The April eZ Connector Competition Is On! Enter to WIN $2500. Submit your idea >> #ezconnector #cms #contentmanagement - eZ Systems (@eZSystems) April 3, 2018

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