The Week in Review: Injecting Content at Template Level, #WSC18 and More

This week's news in the eZ ecosystem: How to inject content at template level in eZ Platform, Web Summer Camp 2018 announced and more.


Happy New Year

Godt nytt år - Hyvää uutta vuotta - Frohes neues Jahr - Bonne année - Happy New Year - Feliz año nuevo - Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku - Sretna Nova godina - Godt nytår - Felice anno nuovo

Happy New Year to everyone in our Community! I hope you will be working on exciting projects in 2018, hopefully also based on eZ Platform 2.0. I want to thank everyone, all members of our community and all who contributed to our projects in 2017. And of course, we'd like to see you continue to contribute in 2018.

If you keep a list of New Year Resolutions, why not add one more? Such as: one pull request a month to eZ's repositories? If you are curious about what we accomplished in 2017, read my review of the year.

Injecting content into rich text fields at the template level

Benjamin Kroll from Mugo Web wrote an article about injecting content into rich text fields at the template level in eZ Publish / eZ Platform.

"On content heavy sites, it can be useful to inject snippets of code into CMS data before display (for example, into the body copy of an article). These snippets could be automatically generated glossaries, tables of contents, or ad units, placed mid-content."

Read Benjamin's article which explores a general approach to getting such snippets into place.

Save the date for Web Summer Camp 2018

Netgen has announced the date for Web Summer Camp 2018.

"After another successful summer camp in 2017, we decided to stay in a charming town of Rovinj once again, with Lone Hotel being our venue. We are not changing the dates of the conference either - from August 29 to September 1, 2018, we will welcome you once again to our conference."

eZ Conference 2018: To Hack, Squash Bugs, or?

A quick reminder: we would like to hear your ideas and feedback about a possible Hackathon, Bug Squashing session, or any other community/developer related session during or around eZ Conference 2018. What do you think? Should we organize this again and which would you prefer to attend? Leave your feedback on our forum.

In Other News:


eZ Platform with Legacy Bridge 2.0

Edi Modric from Netgen has updated his fork of eZ Platform which includes Legacy Bridge. It is now updated to eZ Platform 2.0 and Legacy Bridge 2.0, allowing you to run new eZ Platform Admin UI and legacy admin UI side by side. Read more here.

Question of the Week

Vivien asked on Slack: do you have a link to install the demo of eZ Platform v2? I followed the documentation but I ended with the previous version of eZ Platform.

Sylvain Guittard answered: We hope to tag ezplatform-demo as stable next week. And also update the documentation. André Romcke added: Ok, 2.0 requires PHP 7.1, so that might explain it, after asking Vivien if she was on PHP 7.0 which she confirmed.

More interesting questions on our Forum: Felix Laate with a challenge on creating a FieldType in v2, and being unable to login to eZ Platform after v1.13.0 upgrade by Jani Tarvainen.

Looking for a bundle compatible with eZ Platform? Check out:

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Check out eZ Platform Cloud, our fully packaged #CMS PaaS solution providing the infrastructure and tools to build and manage your content-centric projects. #ezplatform #cloudhosting - eZ Systems Nordics (@eZnordics) January 3, 2018

New year just started, first new #ezpublish bundle made available on packagist: Log live open source! (and long haul airplanes with power plugs) - Gaetano Giunta (@gggeek) January 1, 2018

Monday Bundle for #ezplatform Edgar EzUIBookmarkBundle via @YouTube - Emmanuel Drouet (@DrouetEmmanuel) January 1, 2018

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